Take an automatic screenshot at regular intervals on your Windows PC

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Automatic screen capture makes working easy and flexible so you can keep track of what you've done and when. It helps you to know if your system has been used by someone else. All you have to do is set the interval of the screenshot, which without any pause, does the intended job without too much trouble. You will know your background and the software programs you have worked with in the past. None of the operating systems, for now. , has this feature built in, although they do have the ability to take screenshots.

We present two different tools that will help you achieve this. We will delve into how to automatically take screenshots and store them as images in a separate folder. And yes, there is no need to pause the work you are currently doing. running. They do it without any intervention.

Automatic screen

Steps to use them:

1.Download and install Automatic Screenshoter.

2.The software runs in the background, right click on its icon in the notification area for a list of quick actions.

3. You can suspend it from the options and it turns on by default. Apart from this, you can also set a time interval or opt for manual screen capture.

4.When you right-click on edit options from the system tray icon, a series of Settings appears. File Settings option, you get a drop-down menu for Filename Templates you can select from.

5.You can select the apps to disable this option by scrolling down and clicking Application Rules in the left panel.

Automatic Screenshotter is a tool that helps you take screenshots at regular intervals of your choice. Save the captured images in PNG format in the designated folder. They are absolutely free to download and do not involve any payment. You can also exclude certain apps from the screenshot and they can be easily renamed and identified based on their dates or times.

An alternative AutoScreenCap

AutoScreenCap is an even leaner alternative if you feel the above software is too complex. It is only 900 kb in size and works quite well. It is a portable version and does not need to be installed. You will love it because it does all the work at once, be it setting the image quality, setting the time range or choosing the file folder!

Now start tracking your activities and catch your sneaky spies without much effort.

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