Telegram update: here are the animated stickers

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Today we talk about a new one Telegram update which will make all users of instant messaging app happy. In fact, version 1.7.13 arrives, which implements several new improvements and above all the animated stickers. Let's find out all the details.

Telegram update: all the news

It is known that WhatsApp, at least in the West, is the most used messaging platform. But if we have to see who is bringing more news and innovations to the sector, well we cannot but mention the name of Telegram. Regarding both the important features and the surrounding details, the service is not afraid to experiment.

Just a few hours ago it implemented a new update, or version 1.7.9, which brings the animated stickers. It was 2015 when the stickers debuted on Telegram, or several years before WhatsApp did the same. Over time they have become very popular with millions of users, and therefore today Telegram takes a significant step forward.

This is an update that plans to "animate" the stickers, to give them life: they move between smooth animations at 60 fps, without making them heavy. On average, an animated sticker weighs between 20 and 30 KB, which is several times less than a traditional image or an animated GIF. Users can thus use them without worries and without fear of draining their GBs.

Animated stickers are already available on Telegram

But that's not all, since the app leaves room for the creativity of users: they can add and create new packs of animated stickers, which in no time will begin to populate the chats of millions of people.

At the moment Telegram has made available a small group of packages, starring a cherry, a panda, a dog, a cat and others. We are very curious to start using them.

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