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In this article we talk about Telegram vs Signal, find out which of the two platforms is safer and why.
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Telegram and Signal are two instant messaging platforms used all over the world. Let's find out which of the two is safer and why.
Telegram, much better known and used, is famous for its safety, even if often overrated. It should be remembered that the Telegram app does not have a default end-to-end encryption system and messages are, by default, stored on the Telegram servers in unencrypted form. To take advantage of chat encryption it is necessary to use the platform in private mode or manually activate the encryption from the settings (even if considered by many to be insecure). Signal, has very different characteristics. It is about an open source platform, therefore fully explorable in its functioning e without commercial links (it is backed by user donations and has no advertising). Among the features related to security offers complete end-to-end encryption and it does not collect metadata, if not the time of the user's last connection to the server, rounded up to the day. The only flaw: a poor catchment area. To make the most of Signal's security systems you should invite your friends to install and use the app.

Telegram vs Signal. Conclusions

As for the two apps in question, we have on the one hand Telegram, very widespread and used all over the world, but with a mediocre level of security. On the other hand we have Signal, much less known and used, but with a more efficient security system.

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