Telegram VS Telegram X. Which one to choose and why

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Find out in this article the main differences between Telegram e Telegram X and decide which one to choose according to your needs.


You will have heard of the app Telegram, but you also know Telegram X? Telegram and Telegram X are two messaging platforms developed and released from the same company. Let's see how they differ and why choose one or the other.

Telegram is a free messaging app that combines the classic functions of these platforms with some novelties, such as groups capable of containing up to 200 thousand users simultaneously or i chatbot, applications able to perform various functions independently, Telegram X is essentially the same platform, but improved and optimized from different points of view and equipped with a specific language for iOS.

Telegram VS Telegram X. Conclusions

It is essentially the same platform, same functions and features, but the "X" version of Telegram is recommended for Apple users because of the improvements that make it more secure and stable.

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