Telegram VS Whatsapp. Which one to choose and why

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You are undecided between Telegram e Whatsapp? Find out which of the two to choose and why.

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To choose between Telegram e Whatsapp it is important to analyze the two platforms, establish the pros and cons and what use we should make of them.
Let's see what are the main pros and cons of the two platforms:


Telegram is a platform born some time after Whatsapp and has some substantial differences. The goal of the platform was to place itself on the market as the most secure messaging app, including the unlock with fingerprint or PIN for each individual chat, the ability to create hidden, timed chats with self-destructing messages. Unfortunately, Telegram lacks in terms of security, as it does not yet have an end-to-end encryption protocol.
Two of the main innovations that differentiate Telegram are the groups (which in this case can contain up to 75 thousand users at the same time) e i chatbot, capable of performing various functions.


WhatsApp is currently the instant messaging application most widespread in the world and makes it possible to chat with just about anyone, as long as you know their phone number. Some pros that we find on Whatsapp are: the presence of an end-to-end encryption system, the ability to know when a message is sent, delivered and read and the ability to create group video calls (currently still absent on Telegram).

Google Duo VS Whatsapp. Conclusions

Given the pros and cons of the two apps, it can be concluded that these are two very valid platforms, Telegram mainly suitable for fun and more technical Whatsapp e functional.

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