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Developed specifically for Windows, Colorpic is free design and photography software. It is a simple but dynamic tool that checks the technical aspects (HEX and decimal code) of the colors on the screen. He is also responsible for the safe use of colors for general or web design.

This lightweight and easy to use software is packed with features. While it takes up less space in your system, it also captures colors using the keyboard and not mouse clicks. This helps you multitask while still allowing you to use open windows while looking for the right shade.

It features a magnifying glass that helps you pick colors easily on a high resolution monitor. In fact, you can even choose 16 colors at once from the color palette along with high-quality color mixers that offer a range of possibilities. However, if you're still looking for advanced features, you might want to check out these 15 best Colorpic alternatives.

This is an all-inclusive screen capture program that is extremely responsive when editing images. It also has a wide range of graphics utilities including color picker, pixel ruler, color picker, and more. Whether it's the whole screen, an active window or a certain part of the desktop, the program allows you to take a screenshot of all of them.

Using this tool, you can edit images such as annotating and highlighting texts, images, arrows, shapes and more. You can even enhance your images by adding effects like frames, adjusting brightness, inserting watermarks, using motion blur, and more. What's more? You can even save images and share them on social media, via email, Google Drive, web, SkyDrive, and more.

The best part is that it offers highly advanced settings, which help you configure your hotkeys. You can also use the settings to customize filenames, image quality, and so on.

Price: free for personal use; the license starts at $ 29,99 for a single user.

This free and open source software is a great Colorpic alternative for many reasons. Using this tool, you can take a screenshot of any part of the screen and even share it on social media or the web with just one click. Whether you want to upload text files, images or any other type of file, you can easily do so by uploading them to any of the 80+ destinations of your choice.

When taking a screenshot, you can use one of the methods offered by ShareX. For example, you can use methods like text capture, screen recording (normal / GIF), region (normal / clear / transparent), active monitor / window, full screen, text / scroll / auto / webpage capture, monitor menu / window and last / custom region.

The best part is that you can even customize your screen capture using the many different settings available. This includes delayed capture, cursor display, selecting different regions using different shapes, capturing a transparent window, and so on. After successfully capturing the desired region, some of the automatic tasks that follow are performing actions, printing / annotating an image, saving the image to file / file as, copying an image to clipboard , view the quick task menu, and much more.

That's not all, as you can also upload any type of file using methods like file / folder upload, URL / clipboard upload, drag and drop, watch folder, and more. Once the upload is complete, automatic tasks such as opening the URL, displaying the QR code window, or sharing / shortening the URL are performed. Plus, it comes with a long list of productivity tools like color picker, QR code, hash check, annotate an image, FTP client, and more.

Price: free and open source

Just Color Picker offers much more than just the freedom to choose a color of your choice from the palette. This free offline color picker is portable and also works as a color editor for web designers and other digital professionals. The tool allows professionals to easily detect colors, save them, edit them and blend them into amazing color blends.

Most importantly, it allows the user to evaluate the exact color estimate of any pixel. Basically, it helps you get the most accurate screen color possible. This further helps the prints look exactly like the ones on the screen. You get elaborate information about each color you control on the screen that allows you to duplicate it in any other color editor. Plus, you don't even need to install it. All you have to do is run the app and it's all set.

It offers a wide range of color code formats such as HTML, CMY, HEX, Delphi and others. It can also create color history with saved color estimates. However, to store the history, you must manually save it before closing the program. Creating color blends with a selected hue or creating RGB (red-green-blue) and RYB (red-yellow-blue) color wheels with custom color values ​​are some of its other main features.

Price: free

If you are looking for a free color picker program, Instant Eyedropper can be a great solution. This is especially useful for web designers as it helps them pick a color of their choice and automatically paste the HTML color code of any pixel from the screen to the clipboard, with just one click.

It makes the whole identification of an object's color code much easier. All you have to do is press the Print Screen key on your keyboard and copy the screen grab to the clipboard. Once that's done, you can load an image editing tool, then create a new file and paste your screenshot from your clipboard here. You then need to zoom in on the object and start using the Select Color tool. Finally, you need to copy the color (HTML code) to the clipboard. Overall, this program saves a lot of time for web designers.

Price: free

It is an all-in-one color picker tool that best serves webmasters and programmers. The tool detects and displays colors in a range of hexadecimal color code formats. All you have to do is pull the eyedropper button to the desired position on the screen and let it go. It is when the hex color code for the chosen color will automatically be copied to the clipboard.

This useful and simple to use tool comes loaded with many features. The Magnifying Glass function is very similar to the dropper. It is used to zoom in on a section of the screen, and once zoomed in, you can use the zoom view to choose a color. The auto copy to clipboard function automatically copies the output value to the clipboard.

While it has different types of output options like HTML hex, Visual C ++, Clarion, and more, it also offers more color options like Snap / Detect WebSafe, Reverse, Random, or Convert to Grayscale. Relative position measurement, on the other hand, allows you to set the coordinates to zero. Among its other main features is the color history which allows the last 7 colors to appear in the color history, the complementary color palette offers 42 colors to choose from, the ability to minimize the app in the toolbar. applications, support for the mouse wheel and more.

Price: free

ColorPix is ​​another popular color picker for web professionals that is a great alternative to Colorpic. It lets you find a suitable color effortlessly using tools like Color Picker, Color Table, HEX Color Codes, Color Names, HSL Values, and more. Basically, this universal color picker identifies the color under the mouse pointer. Then it converts it to multiple formats which can be imported or used later.

The main task of the program is to preserve the tone of a certain pixel and turn it into a readable form. It can be zoomed in and allows you to capture one pixel at a time when needed. So if you are planning to generate a certain value or are unable to work with packages loaded into memory, this is perfect for you.

Additionally, ColorPix can be minimized to the taskbar. It can also be enabled automatically when the operating system starts. In fact, the program can also be blocked by pressing any key that helps to save the color and the code.

Price: free

As a web expert or designer, the most important thing for you are high quality photos and images. For this, you should choose the right colors for photos, web pages and graphics. Known for its ease of use, it gives you the freedom to access all critical functions with a single click. The Pipette function allows you to select the colors shown on the screen. Also, it offers support for color models like RGB, HSV, XYZ, CMY and others.

It instantly displays all related values ​​in color models as it passes a pixel across the screen. The program also allows you to change the values ​​in the color models using the mouse wheel, the keyboard, or the up and down arrows on the keyboard. While you can copy all the color model values ​​to the clipboard with a single click, you can also color the color list, automatically, with a double click. Option to sort and manage the color list, change the precision of values ​​and more are some of its other significant features.

Price: free

Sip is another great Colorpic alternative that was created especially for web designers and developers. It allows them to collect, arrange and change colors evenly. In fact, it also offers the power to share colors with everything you know and connect them with other tools in the process.

Its editor makes the whole editing experience powerful and elegant. Using the editing tool, you can change color names, create new colors and palettes, and even change colors from those already present. The palettes in the program offer you a new way to create, organize and even share colors with everyone you know. It offers something called Smart Formats which identifies the software you are using and adapts the color format based on that.

Above all, it offers a wide range of color formats that can be customized and even to create new ones. The Color Dock feature, on the other hand, makes your palettes easily available and relaxed. Contrast Control is another feature that helps you correct low-contrast color blends between text and background colors which helps them comply with accessibility levels.

Price: 15-day free trial available; the license starts at $ 10 per device.

If you are a web expert, developer or designer, you would like to use Pixie. This color picker program offers some additional benefits. All you have to do is launch it, then hover the mouse pointer over a color and it will display color values ​​such as Hex, RGB, HSV, HTML, and CMYK.

These values ​​can be further used to copy the chosen color in the selected apps. The tool also indicates the existing value of the mouse pointer.

Price: free

Chroma is a browser-specific color picker tool that helps you choose accurate colors. Created using React Color, this free and open source program helps you choose colors while active. Alternatively, it also gives you a full view when you are not active. It comes with keyboard commands that make the whole process a lot easier. This simple and easy to use tool offers codes such as RGB, HEX and HSL.

Price: free and open source.


Accurate color selection is extremely important for web designers and developers because it is what reflects the quality of their work. A perfect image or design is a solid foundation of their reputation. So, find the best Colorpic alternatives that suit you and bring your design ideas to life.

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