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Top 10 free photo collage software and tools: - Making collages is really fun, both on paper and on the Internet. Nowadays the internet offers different types of software created specifically for creating a virtual collage - it's easy and clean without the hassle of glue and paper getting in the way, and many collage software is available completely free of charge. Also, as most people nowadays prefer to keep digital copies of photographs and images instead of printing them, creating a collage on the computer has become a great way to save images. One can also create a virtual collage and send it to another as a gift, as most collage maker software allows sharing via email or social media. Since making collages is awesome and offers so many benefits, we've put together this list of the 10 best collage making software, just for you to choose from.

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Users enjoyed Fotor's classic UI with the charcoal background that makes any type of image stand out beautifully. Fotor allows the user to put together up to thirty images, mix and edit them and create collages with them using the numerous editing tools offered or any of the sixty effects provided by Fotor. From cropping to zooming in and out, image editing is quick and easy on Fotor, and creating a collage is a smooth process without any kind of performance interruptions or delays. Browsing is a big advantage of this software. However, users have also complained about the lack of undo / redo options, especially after one or more filters have been used. The software's continuing requests for administrator permission to run the Chinese publisher of the software have further hampered the growth of consumer confidence in Fotor.

Photovisi is an online collage maker that provides the user with a wide variety of colorful and unique templates to choose from to create their own collage. The user, after choosing a model, can proceed and upload their images on the site. The collage will be created automatically and the user can then proceed to edit, replace or delete any image in the collage. Side by Side, Bulletin Form, Sequence and Random Image Arrangement are some types of templates offered. The colors are vibrant and the process is easy and intuitive. The user can download the collage after creating and editing it and can also forward it to others by email.

Coming to the disadvantages, many people don't prefer this collage maker because they don't want to upload personal photos online, they feel it's a security concern. However this is not a very valid concern, as our images, once uploaded to our computer systems, may be accessible in other ways, and even the media we email to our friends and acquaintances remain somewhere in the recesses. the cyber world even after, let's say, said the email was deleted. A collage maker can't do more harm than using the internet itself for that matter.

A more valid reason why many people have turned down PhotoVisi is for the simple fact that this collage maker is online. If you don't have internet access, you won't be able to create a collage. If for some reason you lose internet connectivity after creating the collage, you will not be able to download it to your system or send it to anyone. Considering that most other collage software is offline, this gives Photovisi a big thumbs down.

A very basic collage making software, this one works exactly as it claims. CollageMaker comes with a large number of options, all quite basic, such as cropping, resizing, but it doesn't offer anything more advanced in its trial version. The trial version, in this case, is a plus for novice users who just want to get a feel for basic image editing and collage making at the simplest level possible. Because it's so simple, novice users will want to upgrade to better and more advanced software after trying CollageMaker, and because it's so easy to understand, no beginner will have a problem learning how to make collages with it. CollageMaker does not allow you to crop outside of a basic outline, and image selection can often be a long step-by-step procedure. All in all, CollageMaker is worth a try, but it's easy to switch from, and according to many users, it's not really worth the price for the full version.

A lesser known but completely safe alternative to the hugely popular PicMonkey, iPiccy is free and provides efficient and excellent collage making tools like the paid premium version of PicMonkey. With over 120 image effects, high-speed performance, and easy navigation, iPiccy is definitely worth a try. However, it's an online collage maker just like Photovisi, so you can't create a collage using iPiccy if you're not connected to the internet. While this is a disadvantage, the large number of editing tools and effects the software offers makes up for the fact that iPiccy is only available online. Besides that, iPiccy supports a large number of image file types and offers photo effects such as those provided by Photoshop and other editing software. Not many people are familiar with this software, and there aren't many user review sites for iPiccy, which may be a reason it is no longer popular.

This free software was created specifically for creating collages. Creating collages using Collagerator is very simple, all you have to do is select the images; put them in a template and continue customizing the details. You can export the created collage to a wide variety of image files, and you can even decide in what form you want it printed, for example a postcard, a greeting card, etc. The layout of this software is very simple and pleasant to use. Major performance lags are yet to be reported, but users have complained that the software does not come with a built-in image editor separate from the collage maker and as many people like to have image editors combined with collage makers in one software, this is a Collagerator scam.

CollageIt comes in a very clean layout that allows the user to easily focus on the functions they want to use. For a beginner, the multiple options might seem confusing and confusing at first, but there is a "Getting Started" option that is guaranteed to help every user get used to how the software works and how you can access the various options. A total of 15 different models are offered to the user to choose from. It may seem like a small number, but the options for customizing the collage created are many. You can increase or decrease the width of the margins, resize and crop selected images exactly as you like, add or remove shadow effects and many other options. The software is easy to install and uninstall and comes in two versions, Free and Pro. The free version is not a trial and offers some editing filters, but it leaves a watermark on the collage, but this shouldn't be a problem especially if you're using CollageIt informally. The Pro version is reliable and fast, but obviously requires a payment, but it's not too expensive to consider. CollageIt works fast without hitches and delays, but many users find the free version rather limited and find it does not offer satisfactory options for cropping and defining the layout.

This collage maker software is for all those people who love fun and out-of-the-box backgrounds and frames for their collages. Funny Photo Maker allows you to unleash your creative side: you can replace the face of a famous person with your own in an image, insert your image on notes, billboards, magazine covers, etc. There are also a large variety of beautiful frames and effects for the user to choose from. The process of editing and creating the collage is also quite quick and easy. Funny Photo Maker is completely free and does not require you to download any additional plug-ins to support it. What sets this software apart from many other collage software out there is that, despite being free, it is not interspersed with the frequent pop-ups and ads that are generally associated with free software.

PhotoScape is a well-known popular image editing tool and efficient collage maker software. Although it appears very simple in layout and interface, PhotoScape comes with a large number of detailed options. Accuracy is a key aspect of PhotoScape's collage maker. PhotoScape works flawlessly and offers easy adjustment of images, brightness, beautiful frames, text bubbles and speech bubbles, as well as allowing the user to add animated GIFs. However, overlay is not supported and trying to work with image overlay on PhotoScape can be quite tricky.

piZap is available in a free version, as well as pro, but most users are satisfied with the free version and the options it offers. piZap is highly creative when it comes to the collage making tools it provides, you can add captions, text wherever you want, change the font and color of the text, add cute stickers and even add interesting memes. piZap comes with a special crop tool that you can crop faces with, which isn't a feature you'll find with most other collage software. There are a large number of effects and filters of all kinds you can imagine, unique frames and shapes to create a beautiful collage. piZap pays attention to the finer details of editing and creating collages - there are options where you can choose the degree to which you want the edges of your collage images to be rounded or sharp; how much space do you want between images, etc. You can even use piZap to create your own Facebook covers and custom emoticons! This is a must try for anyone who loves everything quirky and colorful!

Picasa is perhaps one of the best known and most used photo editing and collage software for all those who love to edit images. Picasa automatically has access to all images downloaded to your computer; transfer to the system via USB flash drive and images you may have taken from the webcam. All you have to do is import these images into the Picasa library, then select the images you want to edit or create a collage. To create a collage, you just need to go to the Create menu and select Picture Collage from there. You can choose from a wide variety of effects and even add tags to keep your collages tidy and classify them. Since Picasa was developed by Google, many users tend to gravitate towards it and trust it more than any other software. One flaw with Picasa is that, despite constant updates and newer versions, it's not good at facial recognition. If you create collages with the same people over and over again, Picasa may still have trouble recognizing someone you've already tagged and asked Picasa to remember, and this can be a major cause of irritation. However, Picasa is free, reliable, and remains the most popular free collage and editing software.

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