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With the advent of refinement in smartphones, it is now past that in order to polish and edit a photo, you need some hands-on experience in a giant editing software like Adobe Photoshop. Photo editing these days has become so subtle and fast, and more importantly, much simpler, that anyone who owns a good smartphone could show off their magic of the imagination through its simple cell phone camera and photo editing apps. Because of these smartphones and their wonderful photo editing and camera features, there is no need to sit down with the desktop and open a large software. Click on a photo, stretch out on the sofa and start editing! Now that phones have gotten smart and the fact that giants like Windows also have operating systems for mobile platforms, photo editing sitting in your bed is so much fun and easy now! This article brings you all the best photo editing apps that can be downloaded and used in Windows phones.

Let's start with Fotor, an online site that allows users to edit photos online. This application gives you the freedom to apply a wide range of preset effects, themes, frames and stickers that make the photographer inside you more creative. You can also create collages from your huge collection of various photos in your own. It's so easy to use, and aside from the effects, it gives you the ability to orient, resize, and much more. Windows Phone 8 or Windows Phone 8.1 are the prerequisites for running this application on your device.

PicsArt is a free photo editing software available for Windows Phone. Previously, only Lumia 1020 and 1520 supported this app on Windows phones, but it is now available for all Windows devices. The best feature of PicsArt aside from its great photo editing features is that it is a social platform in itself, where photographers from all over the world can share their amazing clicks and edits online with anyone anywhere in the world. PicsArt gives you the perfect combination of tools to best offer and edit. This awesome after use photo editor makes your photos not just photos or still images, but works of art using various filters, overlays, effects, text and many other creative tools. With PicsArt, you can diversify your edits using a wide variety of templates and frames to create outstanding collages. The best feature of this app is its ease of use. Even if you've never used PicsArt before, it won't be hard for you to take it easy.

This free photo editing application for Windows Phone works in versions 7.5 and above. Since this is a web app internet connection, you need to use this amazing photo editor. You don't need to be an advocate to use PhotoFunia, as this app is so easy to use that it makes your edits and desires smooth and subtle. The cool themes available online in this app even allow you to change position, for example, you could just click on a photo of yourself and place it in a predetermined position available on this app, for example Eiffel Tower, and it will appear as if you are actually standing under the giant tower. Plus, the effects are so cool that you could look at yourself in a mirror or pose for a photo shoot lying on the green grass. In addition to these amazing features, PhtoFunia supports different types of image formats and also gives you the ability to resize and change the pixels of your photos, edited or unedited.

This application also requires a web association with work, but it has a huge build-up of impacts that you can apply to photographs you've taken or Facebook photographs. When confronted with different applications, the impacts built into SuperPhoto are more creative. In addition, SuperPhoto has classified the segments into Combos, Textures, Borders, Samples, Channels and so on so that you can apply them without any problems. While there is a huge accumulation of noteworthy channels, you can just buy the premium ones. The premium ones have the advantage of not letting ads be a hindrance while you are completely engrossed in editing your photos. This is a good photo editing app for Windows that gives you several options and the freedom to resonate with various impacts and features and make great photos they were when you clicked on the simple ones.

Fantasia Painter is a blend of a photo manager and a painting application. Using this application, you can apply more than one hundred impacts to your photographs; Similarly, you can use your innovative and masterful attitudes to paint your photos using an accessible assortment of brushes. Fantasia Painter strengthens Windows Phone 7 and later and is a great application for adults and children. Affordable impacts in Fantasia Painter include colorize, vintage, outskirts, composition, recolor, obscure, tender painter, and so on. Advertising can be a break in the free application, but you can choose to upgrade to the ace fit by paying 100 INR. Also, the features offered by this photo editing app make you look like no less than a professional photographer or editor. It is a good way and platform to learn various techniques of good photo editing tricks. If you want to submit your photos for publication, this photo editing app is a must if you have no experience with Adobe Photoshop or other equally giant editing software. The only condition is that you have a Windows Phone 7 or later.

Photograph Editorial manager of Aviary, a gadget photography altering application running on Windows Telephone 8, was created by Aviary, one of the well-known application engineers of various mobile phone platforms. This free application has distinctive segments, for example, editorial director of photographs, impacts, cuts, drawings, stickers, including content and so on. At the point where it is compared with applications for Android and iOS, Aviary Photograph Manager will be a bit poor in terms of elements, but it focuses on altering the photograph. Even if it's lagging behind in threads, knowing the full capabilities of Aviary Photo Editor makes you a good editor. And if you are not an editor, your photographs at the end of the montage look really cool and beautiful.

As the name implies, PicSketch is something of a limited photo proofreader, however, it gives you the ability to turn photographs into representations using some of the usual touches. When you've incorporated an impact or any feature into a photo, you have complete flexibility to redo parts of the altered image. This way, you can change the power, contrast, glow, diagrams, and so on, even after you've saved the final draft of your image. PicSketch includes more than fifty techniques for drawing your photos. After implementing the improvements, you can share the image with your mates and supporters in a couple of clicks and enjoy the still moments by praising the beauty of those moments through PicSketch edited photos. Thanks to PicSketch!

This free photo corrector for Windows Telephone is somewhat different from the ones mentioned above! The application works in light of the rule that sensitive changes in the shade of photos can make them look stunning. This application works best by showing the need to accentuate some particular elements or shades in a photo you have captured or stored in the exhibit. You will have the ability to change different parts of the image, for example immersion, kindness and so on through a couple of taps. You can introduce this application in case you have a gadget running Windows Telephone 7.5 or later.

This free application for Windows Phone is especially useful for creating beautiful collages using the images you have as part of your personal collection. However, the application includes more than 30 image effects, the ability to include stickers, set a custom base for outlines, and so on in no time. On the off chance that you're some sort of Facebook expert, you can use some uniquely designed borders with the ultimate goal of making amazing Facebook cover photographs in mind. This application is free and worth downloading and using.

Camera360 is, as the name suggests, a camera application for Windows phones, which works in resonance with an incredible editorial director of photography. The moment both of them come together, Camera360 transforms into a kind of gift for anyone who might want to take noteworthy photos, edit and share them. Camera360's built-in editorial manager offers various impacts that you can apply to photos. As a camera application, it has an innovative compass device that helps you take wonderful photos right away. It is clear that every photography enthusiast should look to this radiant application. A gadget running on Windows Phone 8 or Windows Phone 8.1 is required to use Camera360.

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