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Here is a comprehensive list of the 12 best free webcam recording software for your needs. All these webcam recording software are completely free. The list is compiled based on user reviews, ratings, number of downloads and popularity. So, go ahead and choose your favorite software you want to use based on the complexity of your needs.

Free Screencast is free webcam video recording software. You can save the video with audio in various formats including AVI, WMV, MKV, FLV, MP4, MPG etc. It can also record the desktop screen. You can capture frames and save them in JPG or BMP file format. It is an extremely simple software to record webcam video. The movie can be saved together with the audio in different formats like AVI, WMV, MKV, FLV, MP4, MPG etc. The software can also record the desktop screen and take pictures, thus saving those in JPG or BMP format. It is a very intuitive type of software that can record video directly from the webcam.

Dorgem another free webcam recording tool captures and records webcam videos from laptop and desktop camera and saves them in the relevant folder preset by you. It is a simple and easy to use software.

Eatcam is one of the best free webcam recording software, which comes for free, helps to record videos in AVI format. However, photos or snapshots can be taken in JPG format. Videos can be recorded with just a few clicks and both audio and video streams are duly recorded. Audio recording is supported from the following sources, such as microphone, speakers or line-in.

Free 2X Webcam Recorder is another free and lightweight webcam recording software that can record for laptops / computers running Windows 7/8/10. The software also allows you to take snapshots directly from the webcam. Audio and video can be recorded in the AVI or WMV formats supported by this software. Recordings can also be organized and this particular software has its own built-in file manager. User can change the brightness, contrast, saturation, sharpness, gamma, etc. Of the camera according to your desire.

Camdesk is a completely free to download and use open source webcam recording software that is mainly used for home surveillance via webcam. You can also use it for screencast. It is a lightweight minimal program and does what it says well without including too many unnecessary features in it.

This particular free laptop camera recording software is a free video recorder that works with Windows. It helps to record video from webcam, computer screen and recording device. Registration can also be properly organized and organized. User can change colors, apply filters, frame settings, add text to videos, etc. Recorded movies can be saved in AVI, WMV and many other formats.

It is an example of a free webcam recording software that allows free screen and webcam recording. There is an automatic saving system for videos in WMV format. User can also take screen screenshots in normal image formats like JPG, BMP, PNG, GIF, TIFF, etc. The output resolution of the video that is being recorded can be set to any value preferred by the user himself, even before the recording would have started.

It is screen recording software which is provided free of charge. Video running via webcam can be recorded by this software and screen videos are recorded accordingly in AVI and WMV formats. Another feature of this software includes recording of the full screen, region or active area around the mouse cursor. Audio can also be recorded from the microphone. Recorded footage can be saved to the user's preferred location.

It is an example of a free webcam recording software that allows the recording of video from numerous webcams connected to the user's computer. Each video is saved in a different and distinct file in the preferred location in WMV format. The procedure for saving videos is to right-click on any video window. The images can be captured directly from the webcam and are saved in JPG or BMP format at a specific time set by the user.

This is the free webcam capture software that allows you to record your webcam and screen without any obstacles. The video is saved in the same location where the specific software is already installed or in any preferred folder selected by the user. The recording in progress can be ended by clicking on the Finish option and the output folder is opened automatically.

Another free webcam video recording software is Kamerah, an easy-to-use application that is very useful for users. To start with video recording, you need to first press the big red button and then enter the file name. The recording can be stopped at any time by pressing the “stop recording” option. The software does not support all webcam models and a black screen is displayed during recording mode.

A very easy to use cam recording software which helps to record video clips very easily and without interruptions. Videos can be recorded directly from the webcam, only if connected to the computer. The recorded video is saved in the AVI format. The output folder is set to user preference. It can detect the connected webcam which is connected to the computer. Images can be captured and captured photos are saved in the BMP format.


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