The 12 most useful Microsoft Edge extensions in Windows 10

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Microsoft Edge is a fairly new browser that comes with its own set of extensions like Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. However, Extensions for Edge only work on PCs running the Windows 10 operating system. Extensions are a way to customize browsers with tools and devices that are useful in many cases.

Microsoft Edge is undoubtedly fast, simple and light. It comes with many additional features like PDF, e-book and Flash. While it comes with a limited range of extensions, the few it does have are extremely good. You can also easily download and install Edge extensions. If you are one of those who like Microsoft Edge and want to expand its functions, you can use the different free add-ons available for this browser.

Here we have listed some of the best Microsoft Edge extensions that are a must.

LastPass is one of the best Microsoft Edge extensions that stores all your passwords, allowing you to remember them easily. The software creates an autopilot for all your passwords. It removes all obstacles and allows you to get back to the things that matter most to you.

Once your password has been stored in the program, you can access it whenever you want. It will also make it easier for you to log in quickly and conveniently. It also simplifies the online shopping process by automatically filling your profile with all payment and shipping details.

The program produces really strong passwords using the built-in password generator. Create long, arbitrary passwords that protect you from hackers. In addition, it also keeps digital copies of your insurance cards, Wi-Fi passwords, subscriptions, etc.

And what's more? It also allows you to share passwords and notes with your favorite contacts easily and securely. Additionally, you can also allow your close friends and family to access your account with LastPass in the event of an emergency.

Price: free version available; the premium version starts at $ 3 / month

Ads can be annoying, especially when you browse a website reading your favorite content and an ad appears. Many of these ads are intrusive and can harm your computer. Although ads are the main source of income for most websites and therefore essential for websites to function. So if you want to block annoying ads while supporting those websites with non-intrusive ads, get AdBlock Plus.

This is one of the best Microsoft Edge extensions that blocks most of the annoying ads on the websites you visit. This popular ad blocker also blocks social sharing options, online trackers, and also prevents your PC from receiving malware threats. Best of all, you can even add custom rules that help block ads and even whitelist certain domains to display ads.

Price: free

Mouse Gestures is another great extension for Microsoft Edge, also available for Chrome and Firefox. You can perform basic navigation operations by simply right clicking and then using mouse gestures. For example, you can right-click and then hold down, then drag the mouse down and right to close the open tab. Alternatively, you can also go back to the last page by moving the mouse from right to left.

While you can use the mouse to reopen a closed tab, you can also visit the home page, open a duplicate of the current page in a new tab, or just close all tabs on the right or left. Additional gestures include holding down the right click button while clicking the left button or vice versa. This is for quick action. Scrolling is much smoother as you swipe up or down with mouse gestures, covering a distance similar to that of the mouse.

Price: free

Evernote Web Clipper is a smart notes app that allows you to save things you find on the web to your account. Most importantly, you are done with bookmarks forever, as this extension helps you crop the web pages you want to store. You can store them in the extension and find them later on any device, effortlessly.

This is especially useful for those involved in some kind of research. They can crop any article or web era using the extension for later reference. You can even clip them to some notebooks and assign labels accordingly. It also helps you find clips on any device.

It also allows you to highlight main text on any website or article. What's more, you can also share clips and even email them or link the URL. It offers distinctive formats for Amazon, YouTube and LinkedIn. The option to trim Gmail threads, attachments, simplified article or an entire page or section are some of its other main features.

Price: free

If you enjoy watching videos and don't want to lose them later, the GetThemAll extension will be your smartest move. This cool extension helps you download your favorite videos from the web, easily, with the right kind of tools. This doesn't require any third party software to download the videos, and you don't even need to download the content separately.

You can simply download all the content at once using this extension. The extension searches for all files available on the web page you are viewing. So you just have to choose what you want to download and you will get it all at once. You can download videos from social sites or popular videos like YouTube, Vimeo or Facebook.

Price: free

Save to Pocket allows you to save the content you read / view on a website as an article, video or news and view it later. This downloaded content can be viewed in a fascinating and easy-to-read format on any device (phone, computer or tablet) afterwards.

With this tool for Microsoft Edge, you can save any webpage with one click. Furthermore, you can also read everything you save on your devices (phone / tablet) using the pocket app. Most importantly, the downloaded content is available for reading / viewing in a flawless format that is also easy to view. This offers a distraction-free view and can also be freely customized. It's not all! You can also organize these saved recipes, official content or any details to plan a trip using the application. While it also creates audio files for your downloaded articles to listen to on the go, it also lets you discover custom stories suggested by the app.

Price: free

Office Online is a useful application and extension for frequent office users. With this application you can create, edit and even view Office files in your browser. You can access the extension directly from the Microsoft Edge toolbar from which you can easily access your Office files, regardless of whether they are saved on your computer or online.

The extension can also open files saved in apps like OneDrive and the business version of OneDrive. It comes loaded with all the features of Word, PowerPoint, Sway, Excel and OneNote right in your browser without installing MS Office software.

Price: free

Ghostery is an extension for those looking for privacy protections for their systems. The app looks for any type of hacking malware on the websites you visit and blocks them all for hassle-free reading / viewing. From blocking unwanted ads to preventing trackers to speeding up websites, it offers many of these benefits.

In-app ad blocker removes unwanted ads from a website you visit. This helps eliminate clutter and helps you focus on the content you want to watch. Furthermore, it also blocks any scripts that may slow down page performance.

Most importantly, the extension also detects and blocks any malicious trackers on the website you visit which helps protect your data. Advanced anti-tracking technology also cleans your data to keep it protected. And what's more? It even speeds up the loading capacity of visited web pages and improves page speed by automatically blocking and unblocking trackers. This process helps meet the page quality guidelines.

You can also customize your screen using the app by highlighting only the details that are important to you.

Price: free

There are many websites that may not be in English, but they can be useful for research purposes. If so, you need a powerful translator to translate the content easily and quickly for your convenience. Microsoft Translator for Microsoft Edge is one of the best extensions which is simple but useful and helps to translate texts and pages smoothly.

This extension is particularly useful for foreign language websites used by students, researchers, bloggers and journalists. Translate the whole page into your preferred language. Alternatively, you can also select a section of the page to translate online into one of the 60 or more languages ​​supported by the app. The icon is located in the browser bar, so all you have to do is click on the icon and the page is translated immediately.

Price: free

Enhancer for YouTube is a great program for YouTube fans who want to improve their experience. It can be easily customized and is much easier to manage, allowing you to adjust the volume and playback speed with the mouse wheel. With this software, you can also remove advertisements from videos, automatically or on demand.

You can also whitelist the channels you want so ads aren't automatically removed. From automatic removal of annotations or on demand, to automatic playback of videos in HD, 4K or any other format, to creating video in full or partial loop or using custom themes to use a large video player or to option to perform your own actions using JavaScript, comes with many features.

Price: free

Like Evernote Web Clipper, OneNote Web Clipper also helps you store an entire web page from a website you visit. You can also save recipes and articles from a website using the extension. Basically, it helps you to clip all or some sections of a webpage you visit and save it for reading later.

What's more, you can also cut content such as videos, visual bookmarks, images or pdfs from one page. Plus, you can access all your saved content offline from any device, such as a computer, phone, or tablet. Eliminate clutter by organizing all your cropped content minus the noise, ads and navigation. And what's more? You can also highlight texts, change fonts, or add a note before cropping. You can choose to crop the whole page or different parts of the page, depending on your needs.

Price: free

Microsoft Edge is still new and evolving, so we can expect more extensions to be added in the near future. Right now, these are some of the best Microsoft Edge extensions that are extremely useful for downloading and saving content for later use, translating foreign languages, or blocking unwanted ads and trackers. Select one according to your needs and improve your Microsoft Edge browser experience.

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