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The data recovery software really works. I mean, is it really possible to recover my former photos, which I deleted out of anger. Yes, it is possible. Actually, the file remains on the PC hard drive even after deletion, until and unless it is overwritten. Windows does not delete the file permanently when you delete it from the recycle bin. Hence, you have a great chance of getting your file back before that process. Data recovery is one of the most necessary services, as accidental data loss can occur at any time. Your PC may be damaged, you may mistakenly format all your drives (in case you don't want to completely format the system), your child may delete your extremely important files. It can happen to anyone.

Now the question arises, which data recovery tool to use. Since it is painful if you know that the product is useless and you have already paid for it. So, here is the list of files free and one of the best data recovery software download. Some of the data recovery software from the list offer the full version for free, while some of them are open source which you can use easily but require some skill to use.


Download Recuva

Recuva is the software product of the same company that produces the popular CCcleaner software for Android. It's free and has that nifty GUI to use. Its deep scan mode allows you to find all deleted files (even from the Recycle Bin) and recover them easily. It supports formats like FAT, NTFS and exFAT file systems. So, if you have accidentally deleted mp3, jpeg, .vob etc. From your computer, you have 99% chance to recover them using this free data recovery tool. Another cool feature you can use is to permanently delete your files using Secure File Eraser from this tool. This becomes extremely necessary if you want to delete files that you never want to get into the hands of other people who take your laptop.


TestDisk is Open source and one of the best free data recovery software to recover deleted files. Recover files deleted from NTFS file format. It also recovers files and folders deleted from FAT12, FAT16, FAT32 and exFAT, ext2 file system. These file systems are very common in flash memory cards, digital cameras etc. To know your file system, right-click on the disk in Windows and see Properties. The only drawback is that it is a command line utility and you will not get an elegantly designed graphical user interface for using this tool. But as it is open source and clean software, it is recommended to use it with the help of the wiki available on its website. All instructions are provided step by step to us this software.

Download TestDisk

Pure File Recovery

Scarica Puran File Recovery Tool

Puran, the free data recovery software, has a default scan and deep scan function which helps you to easily recover deleted files stored in FAT32 or NTFS format. There is also a quick life saving option which is find lost files in this software tool, which helps you locate lost files which can be restored or recovered. You can use this functionality of the puran tool to quickly get a list of all deleted files that can be recovered. The Custom Scan List check box option allows you to locate the desired .format file that has been deleted and lost.

Restoration by Brian Kato

Download Restoration

Restore is one of the best freeware data recovery tools written by Brian Kato which is only 406 kb in size. You should always keep it in the USB drive for saving that you start as soon as you lose your file. You can also install it on your PC to use it. It lacks advanced features, but a minimal set of features is enough to recover deleted files in all versions of Windows. Its clean program is free of adware and spyware.

Disk Drill per Windows

Download Disk Drill for Windows

Disk Drill was famous for its recovery app for the Mac operating system and the good news is that this best data recovery freeware is now also available for Windows. It has the most beautiful and simple user interface and is also very easy to use. Its other vault recovery feature is useful enough to keep the recovered data in the vault so you don't lose it again. It also supports a wide variety of devices and a wide range of file formats.


Download PhotRec

Photorec is another sibling software of TestDisk and comes bundled with the testdisk download. You have to use this free data recovery software via command line tool and it works with Windows, Mac and Linux. Photorec uses read-only access to recover deleted files. Since this tool only requires read-only access, it is a safer alternative for those who want to restore data securely and don't want to tamper with file partitions or file systems.

PC Inspector

Scarica PC Inspector

PC Inspector recovers deleted files for free with original timestamp. It also allows you to recover deleted files on the network drive. Although it does not guarantee recovery of files when the hard drive is no longer recognized by the BIOS. Support many file formats such as ARJ, AVI, BMP, CDR, DOC, DXF, DBF, XLS, EXE, GIF, HLP, HTML, HTM, JPG, LZH, MID, MOV, MP3, PDF, PNG, RTF, TAR, TIF, WAV, ZIP and the best part are completely free.

LazeSoft data recovery

Download LazeSoft

Lazesoft is also a paid data recovery software, but it also has a free version that you can use for most of the recovery usage without any hindrance Recover files in major formats that are accidentally deleted even from recycle bin as well as get restore files. files lost while formatting the PC. It has many advanced search options present to refine searching for those files which are deleted with respect to file formats and file timestamp.

Wise data recovery

Scarica Wise Data Recovery

Wise Data Recovery software is compatible with all versions of Windows. Like other free data recovery utilities, you can recover data from USB, SSD or external drive as well as from PC. Since it is a portable program, it is not necessary to install it in the same drive as the problematic hard drive and thus the chances of recovering the files are great. Another great feature of this free tool is that it also tells you the chances of the file being recovered in the list, which is a good thing. By balancing your desire to get it back and the pains involved, you can decide whether to move on or not.


Download Undelete for free

Free undeletes as the name suggests is 10 MB free free data recovery software tool which supports all major file storage systems such as NTFS 1.0, NTFS 2.0, FAT12, FAT16 and FAT32 etc. Allows you to store the recovered file on a connected remote device or in a new location so that it does not overwrite the original file. It is a clean program free of adware and pop ad installer and it is completely free for home use, it means personal use.

Pandora Free Recovery

Download Pandora

Pandora File Recovery Tool è un file free file recovery tool which helps you to recover deleted songs, photos and movies after losing them. When you launch the software after installation, it will first allow you to scan your PC for the list of deleted files, then you can search for the files you want to recover by searching for full name or partial name or by last access date or on the deleted date.

Glarysoft Recovery

Download Glary Soft

Glary Undelete is a free file recovery utility software for Windows that supports multiple file systems such as NTFS, EFS, FAT, sadly or NTFS. The main advantage is that it can even recover files after the fragmentation process. Since the fragmentation process on your PC reduces the chances of recovering the lost files. Also, it recovers encrypted or compressed files.


Downlaod Tokiwa

Tokiwa is a free data recovery tool from a Japanese that can recover up to 4GB of deleted data. Unfortunately, the software does not support network drives. You need to install this program on a drive other than the drive where the deleted file you want to restore was located.

Easeus Data Recovery

Download Easeus Data Recovery

Easeus is another freeware data recovery utility that allows you to recover shift + del files that aren't even in the recycle bin. It supports a wide range of formats. When starting the scanning process, you can narrow down the process by providing types of graphics, audio, document, video, email, so that it is easy to get to the right file quickly and effectively. It supports all kinds of devices such as cars with camera memory. ssd, usb, pc etc.

UnDelete More

Download Undelete Plus

Last on the list is Undelete Plus which was previously paid software but like other software creators has to follow the duration trial period method. Now it is free and you can use it to easily recover all types of audio, video, flash etc files that you have accidentally deleted from your system. It can also recover those files that you have lost in the process of formatting your system and have lost them undeterred. Paid versions of the software eventually take this path, as they get less exposure to their software even if they only charge a penny.

Tips while recovering data with the use of free software

1. Do not install the recovery software on the same drive that is damaged or from which you plan to recover the software. Why put the lifesaving boat in a rough lake.

2. Do not use any software or applications installed on the drive from which you are attempting to restore data. Using the software from the same hard drive can overwrite and create conflicts in the intermediate data recovery process. Have patience friend.

3. Do not save the recovered file on the same hard drive. Why put the clean utensils in the haunted sync they got dirty in.

How do you usually lose your data

Data can be lost in one of the ways mentioned below.

  1. Accidental loss of data - Suppose you are cleaning a folder to free up space and you forget that there is an important file stored there and then you delete it too. Similar incidents can happen as we have developed a habit of shifting + del over time. Nobody deletes files the old fashioned way and then clears the recycle bin once a week. They all use the Shift + Del hotkeys to delete. The result is a greater chance of data loss.
  2. Incorrect formatting of the hard drive - While formatting many people choose the wrong drive and format the entire drive and then delete the important files.
  3. Damage to the physical unit - Your hard drive, USB, etc. They can suffer physical damage in transit or by any means and this could prove to be the main reason for your data loss.
  4. Break up - Breaking up with someone is very responsible for deleting several GBs of image files from your PC and you may start looking to recover those files if you have realized your mistake.

How file recovery tools work

When you delete any file from the recycle bin with the mouse or using SHIFT + DELETE, Windows does not delete the file immediately. Just add a flag to the file name so it can't be displayed when browsing Windows files and folders. I mean, it's just making it invisible to you, but it's already there. I don't know why Windows behaves this way in this case. I think he understands that accidents can occur with people using Windows and you may realize that the file was useful after doing shift + del. Then, it just adds a flag to the file table so that it doesn't show up when browsing your PC. But once it allocates the space to some other file. It is definitely lost. It happens when it overwrites the file with other files. That's why the recovery process shouldn't be delayed. As soon as you realize that you need to recover the file, you should start the process to see that it is recoverable and restore them. Because as soon as Windows overwrites the files and allocates their space to other files, there is no PC expert to help you recover those files. Defragmentation (if it was done recently) between this period also reduces the chances.


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