The 15 Most Innovative Google Forms Add-ons to Tweak Google Forms in 2020

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Those who have used Google Forms before would know how easy it is to create forms for surveys, questionnaires or presentations. Many companies start hiring candidates by asking them to fill out a Google form containing a series of questions, while others use it to gauge how many people are using a product and so on.

However, in terms of functionality, Google Forms does not go beyond what is expected such as not being able to automatically close the form after the form is filled in, nor publish the form. However, you can expand its capabilities to work smarter and increase productivity by using add-ons. We've listed some of the best Google Forms add-ons that let you do more with this great free Google app.

Wouldn't you like to be notified when you should fill out a form or when you have already filled out one? This add-on does just that. It allows you to keep yourself informed, or any respondent who has been assigned the form, by sending an email.


  • It also allows you to set rules for any new responses and notifies you by email as soon as someone submits the form.
  • It helps you to write emails in the usual text format or HTML format with images.

Most importantly, this add-on works with all major platforms and browsers.

Price: Plans start at $ 29 / year.

This add-on helps you create forms with a time limit set using a built-in timer. Whether you are creating a quiz, exam or skill test, it allows you to automatically close the form as soon as the set time is up.


  • Designed specifically for educational facilities, schools, universities, etc.
  • It allows you to add a timer with your set time.
  • Allows you to track the time the respondent starts the exam and while he / she finishes it.
  • It offers the possibility of capturing video footage of your interviewees.
  • Automatically closes forms as soon as the time is up.
  • It allows you to mark your form and customize it according to your needs.

It also allows you to export all the details for further analysis and sync them with the business app you own, through the interface.

Price: free version available; Plans start at $ 6,51 / month.

This add-in automatically closes the form after the form is filled out or the responses reach the maximum limit, at a specified date and time. This is particularly suitable for limited-time projects, job registrations with a number of open positions, etc.


  • It can be easily configured. Simply start the add-on, define the type of limit and save.
  • It analyzes the maximum number of replies and stops accepting further submissions once the maximum limit is reached.
  • It closes based on the timer (specific time and date).

In addition, it also automatically analyzes the crash of a spreadsheet when a cell receives a certain value.

PDF is one of the most preferred reading or print formats in the corporate world and this app helps you with exactly that. Automatically converts form responses to PDF formats and even Google or Microsoft documents. You can then share them for approval and to be registered on the web.


  • It syncs seamlessly with Google forms, automatically sends permission notices to reviewers, and shares documents by default with a large number of users or reviewers.
  • Allows reviewers to sign and authorize documents online.
  • Make it easy to save, manage and associate using all your documents from Google Drive.
  • Regardless of whether it's related to form submission or file locations, document all details from all of these sources along with permissions details.
  • A user-friendly app that requires no previous coding experience.

Plus, it lets you create custom templates and the option to save forms as PDF, Word, Sheets, and more.

Price: free version available; The Premium version starts at $ 50 / year.

This add-in is known to automatically fill the fields specified in the form with related values, based on data sources. For example, any data saved on your spreadsheets or in your contact list is automatically updated in a question's checkboxes, grids, or drop-down menus in forms.


  • Automatically fills in the fields specified in forms and eliminates manual content maintenance.
  • It ensures that the content is updated by default and on time.
  • It helps you to keep different customer or supplier data in one platform and reuse it by default in forms.
  • It syncs data with third party apps and can also be transferred to the add-on using the online service.

The option to use user traits as the cost center, to use information from the organizational context, and the option to be used in a large number of forms are among its other main features.

Price: free version available; Plans start at $ 16,52 / user / year.

This is another great add-on for those of you who want to remove the choices from the form once they have been selected. So, this basically helps you to avoid using the same choice again, or when solving the question to a limited number of answers.


  • The lite version is reserved for use by small groups.
  • It offers the possibility to define the number of times an answer can be selected before it is deleted from the form.

Remember to check the “Delete choices” box for an automatic selection of one answer per article. To change limits, organize responses, etc. You can visit the settings icon next to the checkbox.

Price: free

Booking appointments and meetings is no longer so busy with this add-on at your service. The add-on basically connects the modules with the owner's calendar and from there you can book your appointments effortlessly.


  • After the module owner defines the rules, the app automatically creates a schedule for the event in the module calendar.
  • It includes the interviewee as someone who is attending the event based on the slot booked by him / her.

Plus, you can share the form with your customers, access and edit your calendar events from any device, and the rest is taken care of by the add-on.

Price: free

If you are planning to design an online exam where you want to certify respondents who have successfully passed the exam, this add-on is just what you need. It allows you to check the knowledge level of your students, employees or even customers by creating tests for them and then certifying them if they pass the tests.


  • It helps you to measure respondents' level of understanding about a particular topic or your products / services.
  • All you have to do is convert the modules into online exams or online certification tests.
  • It offers intuitive controls and name settings that help generate certificates in PDF formats and can be easily customized.
  • Automatically generates a spreadsheet of records of who passed and who didn't.

Most importantly, the recipient of the certificates receives it as a PDF attachment in the email with a unique serial number.

Price: free

This add-on helps you to avoid manual entry of cell values ​​and rather transfers cell data from other sources to forms. For example, it collects data from documents or spreadsheets and automatically fills in choices in drop-down menus or multiple choice questions in forms.

This is perfect for the current database of records containing student data, items in stock, workshop details, etc. This information can be used to match formulas, such as Match, Countif, and more.

So whether you are working on orders that are filling your spreadsheet or feedback and events, this app can help you by narrowing down the list of choices, for example, based on stock availability. It can also increase your pick list by adding more survey responses by default.

Price: free

Yes, you can also open forms using a QR code and this add-on helps you with exactly that. All it needs is your form URL and quickly generate a QR code using it.

Once you have the QR code, you can insert it into the Form as an image. The QR code is therefore useful when respondents want to open their forms on their mobile devices. All they have to do is scan the QR code and the form is open on your mobile device.

Price: free

This add-on is especially useful when you want feedback on teachers, professors, or leaders from students or employees. It adds details from a Google form to a document specified in unit a, based on your inputs and the information is filled in automatically.

For example, you must first create a Google form, then select the specified document (with the names of the teachers you want feedback on) from Drive, then select the form elements you want to add to the documents, choose a formatting option, and the data is filled in. automatically in documents.

Price: free

While the usual Google module can create attractive charts and graphs already with the help of the answer card, if you want a synopsis of the data, you need this add-on. It is known for filtering data and customizing charts or graphs to further transform them into a colored shape.

This helps you get a quick glance or summary of form responses, for example, business presentations. In addition, you can also choose the products to be displayed in the summary, and a detailed and accurate analysis is automatically created.

Price: free

This is a leading survey builder app that helps you easily evaluate and understand responses to induce growth and development.


  • From simplifying workflows for teams or offering a plan for several users to associating with others for the complete survey, it offers assistance to any team, project or company.
  • It offers quick observations using pre-built graphs and synopses, evaluates text feedback, searches data and analyzes responses against industry standards.
  • Provides survey templates, sample questions written by professionals, the ability to rate surveys, and more.
  • Allows you to share polls and view results in eye-catching layouts using charts, graphs, etc.

In addition, it offers a wide range of survey themes, options to change fonts and colors, the ability to add logos and much more.

Price: Plans start at $ 21,76.

Specially designed for warehouses or libraries, this add-on is perfect for checking in and out of items. This helps move items from one list to another depending on whether they are archived or checked out.


  • It helps you to create a questionnaire or a series of multiple questions.
  • Set one question for IN products and another for OUT products.
  • Offers multiple choice, list or checkbox questions.
  • Selected products are moved between two questions as you fill out the form.

You can also add additional questions to the survey to help you record as many details as you want.

Price: free

Do you think you would use the questionnaire on your forms again very soon? Then this add-on is what you need. If you've already created a form and your purpose is fulfilled for now, but want to use it again in the future, this add-on allows you to recycle the details from the same form.


  • It allows you to combine different forms with all the questions in the existing form with just one click.
  • It offers the possibility to select and copy a single question / multiple questions from a form saved in your Drive and then paste them into the current form.

The main benefit of using this add-on is that it allows you to view all the data in the questions before they are selected, unlike Google where you can only see a few details. Additionally, it has the ability to recycle almost any question and feedback from the actual form as well.

Price: free.


Each of the add-ons on the list is unique in terms of features, and each of them can enhance the functionality of the Google module by taking it to the next level. Whether you want to add a timer to your form, offer an online certification to test takers, or send email notifications once the user completes the form, add-ons allow you to do much more with your forms. So, simply create your form, select your favorite add-on, save time and improve productivity.

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