The 5 best hidden features of Notepad in Windows 10

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pad is the most simplified word processor featured in Windows 10. You know the simple pad tricks, But here, in this article, we have discussed some hidden but very useful pad tricks that you may still be unfamiliar with.

1. Enter time and date-

Enter Time and Date Whenever you create a new entry in the log file it can be very boring for you, this trick will save you a lot of time and effort.

1. Open window pad.

2. Click on 'change"And then click"Appointment time".

3. You will see that the date and time are included in the pad.

Note- You can add the date and time simply by pressing "F5Even from your keyboard.

2. Use right-to-left reading order

If you are using Arabic or Hebrew language as the default language in Windows 10 and use the Arabic keyboard on pad, this method will be very useful for you.

1. Just right click on the pad and then select "Reading order from right to left".

Now whenever you type something, it will start from the left.

3. Automate the timestamp every time a file is opened.

If you're using a notepad document to keep track of things, this is an absolute time saver. Whenever you open this document on your computer, pad will automatically add the time and date.

1. Open window pad.

2. Add ".ACCESS”At the beginning of the document (it will be the first line).

3. Save the document by pressing Ctrl + S.

Four. Reopen the document.

You will notice that a timestamp is attached at the end of the document.

From now on, whenever you open this document, you will notice that a timestamp is automatically attached to the end of the document.

4. Go to a specific location in Notepad-

Reallocating one place from another in Notepad becomes a time-consuming operation, especially when the document is very large. Pad's 'Go to' function can be useful in this case.

1. Open the window pad on your computer.

2. Click on 'Format"And insured"Word wrap“It is not marked. If not, click "Word wrap“To deselect it.

3. Now you can click on "change"And then click"To go…".


You can press Ctrl + G Do the same.

4. Now under 'Line number', enter the line number you want to go to and then click “Go to” to go to the exact line number.

You will be transferred to the exact line number.

5. Customize the header and footer settings in Notepad

The diversity of customization available in Header yes Footer Notepad settings may surprise you. Follow the steps to find out the customization tricks hidden by Header & Footer settings-

1. Open the window pad on your computer.

2. Now click on "Fillet"And then click"Page setup ...".

3. In-page Window Setting, set 'Header' to 'Footer' as you like*and then click "all right”To save the changes on your computer.

Now save the file on your computer.

You will not notice any changes in the window pad (Header yes footer will remain hidden). When you print the file, you will see that the header and footer are included in the document.


Here are some codes / special characters that can be used in Header yes Footer settings-

Special character Production

& d Data
& t Timestamp
& p Page number
& f File name
&& and commercial (&)
& l Aligns the left header / footer
& r Aligns the right header / footer
& c Header / Footer Alignment Center

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