The 7 Best Ways to Access Blocked Websites Anywhere

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The best ways to open blocked websites in offices, schools and universities: - You are completely free and have nothing else to do and that's when you thought about spending some time with your Facebook friends. You get up, open your laptop, connect to your university's WiFi, type in the Facebook URL and press Enter. And in that wonderful moment, you get an Access Denied message from your university's network. Don't tell me how frustrating it is, I've experienced it myself. But what the university authority doesn't know is the fact that the internet isn't something that can be blocked. The more they try to close it, the more motivated we feel to open it. There are many ways to bypass network security. In this article, I have tried to cover many of the ways through which blocked websites such as YouTube, Facebook, Quora, etc. can be accessed. from your university / work networks. Read on to learn how to hack this simple trick.

Through proxy sites

  • A proxy server is an intermediary server that acts on your behalf to obtain the requested information. It hides your identity and is therefore widely used to access blocked websites. There are several proxy servers available for free use on the Internet. In the following screenshot, I used the proxy server,, to access which is a website blocked on most university / work networks.

Here is a complete list of all proxy sites in the world.

Tramite Google Translate

  • Google Translate is an efficient way to access blocked websites on a network. Convert the URL of the blocked site to any regional language and this converted link can be used to access the blocked website.

Internet Archive is the largest website in the world that stores previous versions of any website. Since it is not a proxy site, the chances of it being banned are nil. So you can easily use it to browse any forbidden site in your school, university or workplace. Just search the website and then choose a more recent date from the calendar obtained on the next page to explore the blocked site.

Using the IP address

  • You can access blocked websites with the help of System Symbol. First, right-click the System Symbol file and run it in administrator mode. Then type ping “URL of blocked site” at the command prompt. Use the IP address that the System Symbol goes back to, to access blocked sites.

Use decimal codes

  • You can convert a blocked website IP address to its decimal equivalent to access the blocked website.
  • First find the IP address file from the website.
  • So just Click here to convert your IP address.

Using the Google cache

Just google the website, then click the triangle icon at the end of the green search results URL and click cache. Unfortunately, you can only view the main page or any page you searched for on the site with this trick.

Connection via Psiphon

  • Psiphon is a tool that relies on various technologies like VPN, SSH and HTTP proxy to provide bypass network functionality. This is the most effective of all the ways described so far. You can download Psiphon from here. Once downloaded, simply install Psiphon and click the Connect button. Now enjoy barrier-free internet.

Sneaking in is always fun. Try these tips today to explore the profound possibilities of the World Wide Web. I hope you enjoyed reading this article.

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