The disk structure is damaged and it is an unreadable error in Windows 10

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"The disc structure is damaged and unreadableThe error message may appear due to some corrupted files or faulty system files on the drive you are trying to access. Follow these simple solutions and the problem will be solved soon. But, before you get on with the big solutions, try these few solutions first.

Alternative solutions-

1. Curriculum vitae computer and then try to access the drive again.

2. If you are experiencing this problem on a removable storage device, please follow these steps:

a. Disconnect the storage media from your computer.

Wait a moment.

B. Plug the media into a different port on your computer.

Check if you can access the drive or not.

If any of these solutions didn't work, try these solutions:


We took a removable media device (called USB drive (F 🙂 ) in mind to describe the process. You should do the same with the unit dealing with the problem.

Fix-1 Drive Error Check-

1. To open File Browser on your computer, press Windows key + E.

2. In the File Browser window, on the left side, click "What PC”To view all drives on your computer.

3. The right mouse button on the drive you are having trouble with and then click "Property".

4. In the USB Drive Properties (F 🙂 window, go to “Tools“tab.

5. Low Error Checking section, click "Check".

6. Then click on "Repair unit".

7. When the repair process is complete, click on "Close“To close the Error Checking window.

Now try to access the drive on your computer again. If the problem continues to bother you, find the next solution.

Fix-2 Usa CHKDSK in CMD-

You can perform the disk check operation from System Symbol.

1. By pressing Windows key + E will open the File Navigator on your computer.

2. In the File Browser window, click "What PC”To control all devices.

3. Make a note of the problematic drive letter (Example- For us the drive letter of the USB device is "F:").

Near File Browser window.

4. Click the Search box next to the Windows icon and then type "cmd".

5. Hence, the right mouse button over it "Symbol of the system"In the search result raised and choose"Run as administrator".

System symbol with administrative rights will open.

7. To check if the disk has formatting problems, copy paste and edit the command, then press Pay in after running it.

chkdsk /f

[Example– For us, the command will look like this-

chkdsk /f  F:


This process may take some time to complete.

Close Window system symbol.

You will be able to access the problematic drive on your computer again.

Your problem should be solved.

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