The fix cannot access the WindowsApps folder in Windows 10

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Are you unable to access the WindowsApp folder on your Windows 10 PC despite administrator privileges? So first of all you should know what the WindowsApps folder is. WindowsApps is a hidden folder in Windows that contains all the apps and files downloaded from the Store. Moving programs to another partition on the system creates another WindowsApps folder on that specific drive.

But the problem arises when you try to bring the apps back to the main unit. This is because Windows wants to keep the folder and won't let you delete it. The reason you don't have permission to access this folder is because it belongs to Trustedinstaller and is only allowed for system users and no one else.

Therefore, it is recommended not to change the folder permission and to change the owner of the folder, there are applications installed here. Also, you cannot delete the folder which is inside the Windows partition and an error will occur instead. So how do you access the WindowsApps folder and delete its contents? Let's see how.

Solution: You own the folder and then delete

Step 1: print Win + E hotkeys together on the keyboard to open the file Browser on file window.

Step 2: Go left and click What PC shortcut. Now, on the right side of the panel, click Unit C.

Step 3: Navigate the path below to reach the Windows app binder:

C: Programs

* Note - How WindowsApps is a hidden folder, you need to click on the file View tab at the top of the window, then click to expand the file Show hide option. Now, check the box next to Hidden objects to find out any hidden files or folders.

4 phase: Right-click on the file Windows app folder and select Property in the context menu.

Step 5: A Property select the window Safety tab and click Advanced language.

Step 6: A Advanced security settings window under the Permissions tab, click Follow.

Step 7: So go to Owner section and press the button Modify connection.

Step 8: A Select user or group window, go to Enter the name of the object to select field and add your username.

press the Check the names button and click ok to confirm.

Step 9: You will come back to Advanced security settings window. Here, go to Owner back into the section and check the box next to Replace owner on subcontainers and objects.

print To apply and so ok per salvare I modified it.

Step 10: Now in Advanced security settings you will see the window Owner The name has changed to the one you just added.

il Inserisci The button is also highlighted. This will allow you to add permissions.

Step 11: So in Entry permit for WindowsApps page, click Select a director link next to main.

Step 12: A Select user or group window, click Advanced.

Step 13: Next, below Common questionsclick your Find now.

Step 14: A list of Nomi it will be completed automatically under the Search Results. Select the username you added.

Step 15: You will come back in Entry permit for WindowsApps page. Here the file Basic permissions the section will be highlighted.

Check the box next to Total control and press ok per salvare I modified it.

That's all. You will now have access to the WindowsApps folder and can delete applications and files now.

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