The last USB device connected to this computer did not work properly and was not recognized by Windows

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If you connect and disconnect a flash drive from your computer too many times without first safely ejecting it, you may see this error message "The last USB device connected to this computer did not work properly and was not recognized by Windows". Without ejecting the drive safely, if someone disconnects the USB too many times, it will damage the controller and cause this problem. To solve this problem, follow these solutions.

Fix-1 Remove the power supply and reconnect the USB cable-

This is the simplest trick for this problem that has worked for many users.

1. Turn off your computer.

2. Remove the plug from the computer power supply.

3. Now try turning on the computer. This will drain the residual electrons from the entire system.

4. Now connect your USB device to the USB port.

5. After connecting the USB device to the system, connect the power adapter to the computer.

6. Start your computer.

That is! The USB device will work properly.

Fix-2 Uninstall Driver

Uninstalling the problematic drivers from your computer may work for you.

1. Press the button Windows key With 'X'key.

2. Then click on "Device administrator".

3. In the Device Administrator utility window, look for the "controller bus serial universaleAnd click on it to see the available drivers.

4. In the driver list, you will see a driver with a yellow triangle symbol.

5. Now the right mouse button on the affected driver and then click "Uninstall device".

6. If a warning message appears, click "Uninstall".

The damaged driver will be uninstalled from the computer.

Method 1-

Simply start again the computer and Windows will install the uninstalled driver. You will have your working network card again.

2 method-

If restarting your computer did not install the removed driver on your computer, you need to verify the changes to install it manually.

Follow these steps to manually install the driver:

1. Press Windows key + X and clicking on "Device administrator“The utility window will open.

2. At first, click on "Action".

3. Again, click "Check for hardware changes".

This will find the uninstalled driver and install it again.

Fix-3 Change selective USB settings-

1. Press Tasto Windows + R.

2. To open the Utility Power Options file copy paste this command in window run and knocks Log in.

control.exe powercfg.cpl ,, 3

5. In the Power Options window, scroll down to expand "USB settings".

6. Expand "USB selective suspend settings".

7. Click the drop-down menu next to "Adjustment:", Then select"Disabled“Drop-down menu settings.

[NOTES– If you are applying this fix on a laptop, you will see ‘On battery‘ and ‘Plugged in‘ settings. You need to “disable” both the options. ]

8. Finally, click on "To apply"Y"ok“To save the changes on your computer.

Close Power options.

Restart your computer to save the changes to your computer.

Plug the USB device into your computer and everything will be able to access it.

Your problem will be solved.

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