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When trying to manually install an update downloaded from Microsoft Update Catalog, you may find a particular message on your computer 'The process is not in background rendering mode'. This error actually occurs due to errors in the Windows Process Update file. Follow this detail to solve the problem very easily.

Fix the Clear BITS queue and synchronize Microsoft Update

1. First, press "Tasto Windows + S'. Then write "cmd".

2. After that, right click on him "Symbol of the system". Next, click on "Run as administrator".

3. When Commad's Prompt file appears on the screen, type this code into the terminal and press Log in Pause Bit Service -

net stop bits 

4. Then stop Windows update service run this command as above.

net stop wuauerv

Minimize CMD window.

5. Open the File Browser.

6. Next, you need to go to this location ~


7. Search for the "qmgr0.dat"TO"qmgr1.dat“Record.

8. Right-click in the file, then click "To remove".

After deleting both files, close the File Browser.

9. Maximize the window CMD. Type these command sets to resume Bit and Wuauserv Service.

net start bits net start wuauserv

Close the CMD terminal.

Try installing the updates again. You won't have to face the problem again.

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