The videos are not uploaded to YouTube. How to fix

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Are you a video clip enthusiast or are you a follower of some youtuber and you don't miss even one of his videos, but suddenly the platform doesn't allow you to upload videos? Are you there watching a live stream on YouTube when suddenly the video freezes and does not restart? If suddenly videos are not uploaded to YouTube it is not the jinx that rages against you: we will list all the problems that this block could entail and we will help you to solve it.

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The videos are not uploaded to YouTube

Let's start by saying that there is not a single reason why YouTube videos suddenly stop loading and you can't see them anymore: usually it's a connection or settings problem, it's rarely a total blackout of the server. of the platform.

So before you start breaking into a cold sweat, take a look around the web to find out if, in fact, the YouTube server is down: Incredibly, our support for your problem may stop there.

If, on the other hand, all your friends and relatives do not have problems connecting to the site, then you will probably have to find out what the problem is: but do not worry because you will not be alone, since we will help you with this guide to solve everything in no time. tell it!

Slow connection problems

The first hypothesis we try to verify is a sudden slowdown of your connection, perhaps due to a bandwidth overload or a modem problem: to solve it, go to the room where your router is, restart it by disconnecting the power for 15 seconds, reconnect the cable and wait for the connection to be restored.

If you are unable to solve this system, then there is probably a much bigger problem, which depends not only on your modem, but on the internet and telephone network in your area: what we recommend is to contact your manager and report the disservice.

Browser cache issues

If it is not a slow connection problem (we still recommend that you do a speed test to be sure), then it is likely that the browser you are browsing from has the cache too full: to find out if this is the problem, try opening the same video from another browser.

In case you have finally figured out why the videos are not uploading to YouTube, then after viewing everything on another browser, however, we recommend that you clear the cache of the first browser, what you had to close.

If it is Google Chrome, then click on the hamburger menu (the three dots at the top right), select Other Tools and then Clear browsing data: in the new window that appears, just flag the Browsing History item and deselect all others, then click Clear data.

If, on the other hand, the browser in question is Firefox, select the hamburger menu, click on Options, then in the side menu choose Privacy and Security and scroll to History, where you will have to click on the Clear history button.

Finally, if you are using Safari, click on the Safari item at the top left, then select Clear history and, in the new window, choose which time frame you want to clear the history, with which the browser cache will also be cleared.

Java Script activation or browser update problems

If it's not a cache problem, then you probably haven't activated Java Script, a problem you can work around in Chrome by clicking on the hamburger menu, choosing Setup and then selecting Advanced, thus opening a new menu.

Now click on Privacy and Security and then scroll to the Site Settings item: in the new window, select Java Script and, if it is not allowed, move the lever to On and allow.

If it is not a Java Script authorization problem, then the problem could be updating the browser to the latest version available: this usually happens automatically but, for some problem, it may not happen.

Insufficient system resource problems

The last problem we can analyze is that of a possible saturation of the RAM memory of your PC: in this case no particular procedure is necessary, it will suffice close all open applications and programs, even those in the background.

Once you have freed up as much space as possible, try to launch the video again and, in case it still has problems loading, we advise you to restart your computer: it is very likely that it needs a reset, especially if it has been on for too long. time.

Not Uploading Videos to YouTube: Conclusions

We have had the opportunity to analyze several reasons why videos are not uploaded to YouTube, some of which are really very intuitive and simple, others probably you would not have been able to know them if not thanks to a guide.

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