This computer does not meet the minimum requirements issue on Intel HD Graphics

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Are you getting the error message "This computer does not meet the minimum requirements" when updating the Intel HD graphics card? This problem typically occurs if you try to install the latest version of the graphics card directly from the executable installer. There is a very simple solution to fix this problem on your computer. Follow our instructions to solve the problem.

Solution 1: Install legacy hardware

You need to add this update as new legacy hardware on your computer.

1. Press Tasto Windows + R to access to run terminal.

2. Now type "devmgmt.msc“And hit Log in.

Device Administrator utility will open.

3. After the Device Administrator window pops up, click "Action“In the menu bar.

4. Now click on "Add legacy hardware".

5. Click on 'The next".

6. When the Add Hardware window opens, click the “Install hardware that I manually select from a list (advanced)".

7. Then click on "The next".

8. So you have to choose "Monitor adapter“From the device list.

9. Click on 'The next".

10. Next, click on “Do you have a memory".

11. Then click on "Look".

12. Next, go to the Intel HD Graphics Installer location on your computer.

13. You must select "kit64ics.inf". Then click on "Open".

[NOTES– If there are no ‘kit64ics.inf’ file, you can select the “Autorun.inf” file. ]

14. Next, click on "ok".

15. Click on 'The nextAnd follow the rest of the installation process.

When do you finish, start again your device to finally complete the process on your computer.

Solution 2: Check for Windows update

Crucial driver updates are delivered to the system through the Windows update process. As these are optional upgrades, you need to upgrade the system yourself.

1. Open Settings on your computer.

2. Click on "Update and security".

3. Next, on the right side, click on “See optional updates“To check for the latest driver updates.

4. Under Drive Updates, you will see a series of driver updates. Check All updates.

5. Then click on "Download and install".

Wait for your computer to download and install the graphics driver update.

Don't forget to do this start again the system.

Solution 3: update the video card

1. Press Windows key + X.

2. Click on 'Device administrator“To access the Device Administrator window.

3. So what you need to do is expand "Monitor adapterS “.

4. Next, expand "Intel HD (R) graphics"And so the right mouse button in "Update Driver".

5. Then click on "Automatically searches for updated driver“To allow Windows to search for the Intel graphics driver and install it.

Restart the computer once the driver is installed.

This should fix the problem.

Your problem will be solved.


Here we have listed some possible conditions behind the error message “This computer does not meet the minimum requirements to install the software”. They are-

for. You have an external graphics card (such as NVIDIA or AMD) installed in your system. In some cases, some motherboards disable integrated Intel HD graphics.

second. The OS version does not match the installer configuration file and system.

C. You have downloaded an old version of the driver.

In any of the cases mentioned above, the Intel HD Graphics Driver cannot be installed.

Additional tip-

You can use Intel® Driver & Support Assistant (Intel® DSA).

Download and install it. It will automatically detect crucial downloads for your computer and install them accordingly.

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