This NVIDIA graphics driver is not compatible with the version of Windows 10

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While installing the NVIDIA graphics driver on your computer, it may stop and display an error message "This NVIDIA graphics driver is not compatible with the Windows version'. If this message appears, the NVIDIA installer conflicts with the current version of Windows. Follow these simple solutions and the problem will be solved in no time.

Alternative solutions-

1. Restart your computer and try the installer again.

2. Disable the antivirus on your computer. Then try installing it again.

Fix: Check your Windows version

Step 1: Check which version of Windows is installed

Check that the version of Windows on your computer is the latest version.

1. Press the button Tasto Windows + R.

2. Write "winver“And hit Log in.

3. In About Windows you can see the version of Windows you are using.

(This computer has a version of Windows 2004 installed).

If the installed version of Windows is not the latest, the installer will not install the graphics driver.

Step - 2 Check the type of operating system

You should check if you are installing a 64-bit driver on a 10-bit Windows 32.

1. Press Tasto Windows + R.

2. Next, write "dxDiag“. Click on “ok".

This will open the DirectXDiagnostic Tool file on your computer.

3. Note here the 'OS:'. Please note if it is 64-bit or 32-bit.

If you have the wrong driver version, download a new driver version based on your operating system type.

Give the installer another chance.

Solution 2: Uninstall the driver with DDU and reinstall it manually

Display Driver Uninstaller is an open source tool that uninstalls the existing graphics driver.

Follow these steps carefully:

Step 1: Download DDU and disable automatic update

1. Download on your computer and after downloading it, decompress the folder to a location of your choice.

Remember the location where you extracted this zip file.

2. Now press Tasto Windows + R have lunch runY

3. Then write "check printers“. Click on “ok".

Device and Printers window will open.

4. In this window you must, the right mouse button in your computer name and click "Device installation settings".

5. Then click on "No (your device may not work as" expected)"option.

6. Click on 'Save the changes".

7. Close “Driver Nvidia"From your browser and click"Download drivers | NVIDIA".

8. Enter the appropriate information in the appropriate sections (such as “Product Type”, “Operating System”, etc.).

9. Now click on "Search for“To search for the latest driver.

10. Then click on "download“To start the driver download.

Remember where you are saving the installer on your computer.

Close the browser window after downloading the driver.

Step 2: Boot into safe mode and uninstall the graphics driver

1. Press Windows + I icon and click on "Update and security".

2. Now, in the left settings pane, click on "Recovery"

3. Then under "Advanced Startup", click on "Restart now".

4. Once your computer has restarted into the Windows Recovery Environment, click on "Advanced optionsIn the Troubleshoot mode.

5. Then you need to click on "Startup Settings".

6. Now click on "Restart".

7. You have to press F4 for "Enable Safe Mode".

It will now boot into safe mode.

8. Now go to the path of the file where you extracted

9. Double click in "DDU v18.1.0.9“To extract the main files.

10. You have to go to the extracted folder and then double click on him "Displays the driver installer".

11. Now in the View the Driver Uninstaller window, on the left side, click on the drop down menu next to "Select the type of device"And click"But by the full GPU acceleration tech"

12. Here you must finally click on "Clean and restart".

The NVIDIA drivers will be uninstalled from the system and the system will restart in normal mode.

Step 3: Manually install the graphics driver

Once your computer has restarted, follow these simple instructions to fix the problem.

1. You need to locate the downloaded installer on your drive.

2. You have to do it double click in the offline installer to run it.

3. When the NVIDIA Graphics Driver file window opens, click "NVIDIA graphics driver and GeForce experience"

4. Then click on "Accetta and continue".

5. In the next step, click on “Custom installation".

6. Click on 'The next“To continue with the installation process.

7. Finally, check the box "Perform a clean installation" box

8. Click on 'The nextAnd the installation process will begin.

9. When the installation is complete, click on "Close“To close the NVIDIA Graphics Driver Installer window.

Restart your computer to complete the installation process.

All that remains is to enable automatic updates for the graphics driver.

10. After restarting your computer, right-click the Windows icon and click "run".

11. Enter this code and press Log in.

control printers

12. Once again, the right mouse button on your computer and click "Device installation settings".

13. This time you have to choose "Yes (recommended)"And then click"Save the changes".

This should have fixed the problem on your computer.

Solution 3: update your Windows

The version of Windows you are using may not be the latest version.

1. Press the button Tasto Windows + I.

2. Then click on "Updates and security".

3. Then click on "Look for updates".

4. Once the updates have been downloaded, click on "Restart now“To restart the computer.

After restarting your computer, install the driver again.

Solution 3: Install the NVIDIA driver with GeForce Experience

1. Search for the "GeForce experience“In the search box.

2. Next, click on “GeForce experience“In the search results.

3. When the GeForce Experience file is displayed, click on the "DriversEyelash ".

4. Now click on "CHECK THE UPDATES".

5. To download the latest version of the driver, click "download".

Let this download the driver to your computer. Wait patiently for a few minutes.

6. When the download process is complete, you will see two options “Quick Install” and “Custom Install”.

7. You must choose "Custom installation".

8. Hence, check the "Perform a clean installation".

9. Click on 'The next“To start the installation process.

Now, GeForce Experience will install the latest version of the graphics driver on your device.

This process will take 5-10 minutes.

10. In a few minutes you will notice the "Installation completed"Message.

11. Then click on "Close".

Your problem should be solved.

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