Top 10 Windows 10 Task Manager Tricks You Should Know

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10 Best Windows 10 Task Manager Tricks You Should Know: - Do you think the only thing you can do with your task manager is to kill a blocked process? Oh no, you are very wrong. There are 100 things you can accomplish with the help of the Windows 10 task manager. In this article, we have explained the 10 best task manager tricks that every Windows user should know. Dive into the article to get started using the task manager on a different level, like a pro.

Trick 1: Launch Task Manager in 5 different ways

1 method

Press the keys CTRL + ALT + CANC together. This opens up a list of options before you like it Block this user, Change user, Log out, Change a password Y Start task manager. You need to click on the file Start task manager option from this list. Yes, long process. Let's see our other options.

2 method

By pressing the keys CTRL + MAIUSC + ESCAPE together immediately opens the task manager for you.

3 method

Right-click on an empty space in the Windows Task Manager. In the context menu that appears, click Task Manager option.

4 method

Right-click on Windows icon. A list of options will appear. Click on Task Manager option.

5 method

Open the run the dialog box. For this, you can press the keys WIN + R together. When it opens, type taskmgr and press the Enter key.

Trick 2: find out why an app is blocked

Basically we all open the task manager to end a frozen process. But before proceeding with killing a process, you can analyze its wait chain and decide whether to wait for the application to resolve or kill it. For this, click Details language. Find the process causing the problem. Right-click on it and then click Analyze the waiting chain option. This will show you which processes are waiting to use a resource that is being used by other processes. By analyzing this waiting chain, you can decide to terminate an application or wait at some point.

Trick 3: restart Windows Explorer to fix many freezing problems

When other applications are running but not Windows such as Start menu, File Explorer and so on, you can try to restart the file Windows Explorer. Restarting the system would also fix the problem, but most of the time, simply restarting the file Windows Explorer would solve the problem. Therefore, under the Processes tab, find the file Windows Explorer and right click on it. Then click on the file Restart option.

Trick 4: Search online for the details of a suspicious process

When you open the Task Manager, you can see many processes running. Some of these processes can be suspicious. If so, right-click the suspicious process and click Search online option to learn more about this process.

Trick 5: View resource values ​​in percentages or values

Sometimes seeing the Resource values in percentage form it would be more useful. If that's what you prefer, you can right-click on a process, then click Resource values, then in a Resource and then in Percentages o Values according to your choice.

Trick 6: open the Run dialog box

We all know many ways to open the file run the dialog box. But you can do the same from the file Task Manager mashed potato. For this, click archive tab at the top of the file Task Manager window. Then click on the file Run a new activity option.

Trick 7: open command prompt in admin mode

You can also open the file Command Prompt in Administrator Mode directly from Task Manager. For this, click archive language. Then click on the file Run a new activity option. At the same time, press the key CTRL key. If in doubt, refer to the following screen.

Tip 8: Analyze the performance

You can analyze the performance of various resources by clicking Performance tab as shown in the following screenshot.

Trick 9: the Application History tab

You can view the usage history of an application by clicking Application history language. By clicking on the Delete usage history you can also delete the application usage history.

Trick 10: manage startup apps

To manage applications at startup, you can click start card Task Manager. To disable an application at startup, right-click the application and then click Diable option. Or you can select an application and click directly on it deactivate at the bottom of the window.

Become a professional task manager user starting today. Hope you found the article useful. If you have any questions about any of the steps, please feel free to leave comments. We will be happy to help you. Be on the lookout for helpful tips, tricks and tips. Good business management!

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