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8 Cool YouTube Tricks Nobody Told You About: - Do you think you've been with Youtube long enough to know all its secrets? Oh come on, there's so much more to her that you have no idea about. What you know Youtube is very little and what you still need to know is a high mountain to be conquered. Read on to try the 8 most amazing Youtube tricks you wish you had known before.

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Play any video in Loop indefinitely

while playing any youtube video, just right click and the loop option will be there. Check it and the video will play repeatedly in a loop. If you are doing this in an HTML5 player. You can right click while pressing Shift to bring up the LOOP option.

Skip parts of the video using the number key on the keyboard

while watching a video, you can simply press any of the numeric keys (not from the numeric keypad, but from the top row, below the function keys) from 0 to 9 to skip parts of the video. For example, if you press “3”, you will skip 30% of the video from the beginning, if you press 4 you will skip 40% of the video from the beginning. Pressing 0 will take you to the beginning of the video.

Download youtube videos as mp3, just replace youtube with yout in the URL

Drunk YouTube

  • Open Youtube and in the search bar, type Use the force Luke and hit Enter once you're done. You will have a Youtube drunk right in front of your eyes. Make sure he doesn't get a ticket because of you.

Download videos with just one click

  • Not having a direct option to download videos from Youtube may have frustrated you a number of times. If you want a workaround, just add ss Just before in the URL of the video you want to download. Don't forget to hit Log of course.

  • The previous step will take you to, from where you can easily download the video in the required format.

Add some color

  • If you think your Youtube file is too boring for your vibrant nature, you might want to try adding some color. Type simple meme doge in the search bar and hit enter. Sit back and enjoy the magic.

Create GIFs from YouTube videos

  • Have you ever thought about creating GIF files from your favorite Youtube video? Well, just add gif first and hit Enter.

  • Once you are automatically taken to the GIF maker, you can decide the length of your GIF file. Click Create GIF once you are done.

Start the video at a specific time

  • Don't have the time to drag the video to get to a particular point? You can always get to a particular point in a video by adding # t = followed by the time instance until the end of the Youtube video URL file. For example, # t = 1m5s. Take the screenshot below for reference.

Activate keyboard mode

  • Is the little rodent too adamant to move according to your instructions? You can activate the keyboard mode for Youtube operation. Just add / leanback at the end of as shown in the following screenshot.

Disable auto play

  • Tired of watching self-playing videos at the end of a video? Find the Auto Play cursor file in the upper right corner of the page to turn it off.

Most useful YouTube shortcuts

There are some very useful Youtube keyboard shortcuts that can help you save a lot of time. Some of them are:
k= Pause/Play a video.
j= Rewind the video by 10 seconds.
l= Fast forward the video by 10 seconds.

f=full screen
m= Mute a video.

No, don't even think about reading the tricks and moving on to the next post. Try them! It would be fun, believe me. If you find more Youtube tricks or are having trouble with any of the tricks mentioned here, feel free to share your thoughts in the comment box below. I hope you enjoyed reading the article.

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