Two ways to quickly access the lock screen in Windows 10

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How to Navigate Directly from the Start Menu to the Lock Screen in Windows 10: - You use your PC to do various kinds of things. You can watch movies, browse online, play games, etc. Sometimes you may be doing some important tasks and want to leave your desk to take a little break to freshen up. Now, you don't want anyone to disturb your work while you are away. Turning off the system is not a great idea. Because it will affect the continuity of your work. To cope with such a situation, you can lock your system directly from the Start menu. Most users are unaware of this feature. The Windows Start menu is a powerful tool. It allows you to access almost all functions or settings of your PC. Read this post to learn this simple trick to lock your PC.


1 method

  • Click the Windows icon in the left corner of the taskbar to launch the Start menu.

  • In the Start menu, your name and picture will appear in the upper section. Click on it.

  • In the expanded drop-down menu, click Close with key.

  • Your PC is now locked. Now you can leave your desk without any fear.

2 method

The same work as Method 1 can be done with a simple shortcut.

  • Hold down the Windows key and press L. This will lock your PC.

Windows 10 has been popular since its launch. Microsoft has included some amazing features in its latest operating system. These functions have received great recognition around the world. The ability to access almost anything from the Start menu is one of the great features that Windows 10 offers. This makes Windows much easier to use than any other operating system available. Therefore, you can follow the above steps to lock your PC in extreme situations.

You have now learned two simple ways to lock your PC in extreme situations. Hope you enjoyed reading the article.

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