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Unable to connect to Facebook: Are you having problems with your Facebook profile? Can't scroll on your homepage or view your friends' pages?

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Unable to connect to Facebook: OnlyForWindows quick and practical guide

Unable to connect to Facebook: what to do in these cases? Don't despair, this is not a serious problem. Let's try to go into more detail to understand causes and solutions.

Let's start by saying that most of the time these are simply temporary problems, often linked to the platform itself: that is, a question that must be resolved by Facebook itself.

Unable to connect to Facebook: it could be a connection problem

It goes without saying that the first thing to do is to check that the internet connection you are connected to is fully functional.

Secondly, you can also implement one of the most used expedients to solve any type of problem related to technology: the dear old "turn off and on again".

A slightly more extreme method involves instead of reinstall Facebook from scratch: only do this if the previous methods have had no effect!

Finally, remember that you can also ask for help directly from Facebook, through the default option "Troubleshoot".

In this case you will find several plausible options, among which just a few details will change (example: "I can't log in to Facebook" or "When I try to log in to Facebook I get the error message 'Facebook will be available again soon'"). 

The last resort is to contact the Facebook Help Center.

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