Unable to create a new folder from the context menu in Windows 10 Fix

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If you are unable to create a new folder simply by right-clicking on the desktop window and then clicking on "New> folderAnd thinking about what to do, you've just come to the right place. Make this simple change to your Registry Editor window and the problem will be easily fixed.


Before moving on to the main solution, we highly recommend that you create a registry backup on your computer. After opening the Registry Editor, click on "archive">"Export”To create the backup.

If something goes wrong, you can recover the log by simply importing the backup.

Fix 1- Create a new subkey under the Shellex key-

You have to create a new key in shellex (associate all shortcuts in the context menu) and the problem will be solved.

1. Click Search Box and type "regedit".

2. Now click on "Registry Editor”From the elevated search results window.

3. In the next step, you will need to access this log file.


4. Now, the right mouse button in "ContextMenuHandlers"And then click"New> Password".

5. Simply rename the key to "New".

6. Now, on the left side, click on “New”To select it.

7. Now, on the right side, double click in "default“To change it.

8. In the Edit String window, copy and incollaand this in 'Value data:' cash register.


9. Then click on "all right".

Close the Registry Editor window.

Check if you can create a new folder by right clicking on the desktop and then "New> Folder".

You can create a new folder as before.

Solution 2: disable controlled access to the folder

1. close Windows security in the Windows 10 search box.

2. Now, click on the search result to open it.

3. Click Virus and threat protection.

4. Click Manage ransomware protection.

5. Turn off Controlled access to folders.

Solution 2: Check the disk security settings

1. The right mouse button on the disk where a new folder cannot be created

2. Click property.

3. Select yours User and click Modify.

4. Make sure that Edit, Write and Read are selected. Otherwise, check these options and click Apply and OK.

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