Use compatibility mode to run old software on Windows 10

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Have you ever encountered the software compatibility issue running on Windows 10?
Several programs that worked smoothly in Windows 7 or 8 seem not to work in Windows 10 after the update.
Don't despair, Microsoft has introduced a solution for this with the new version: run programs in compatibility mode.

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Suppose you have a program like "slack" installed on your PC. You may have worked with it before the update, but I get a message showing the compatibility issue when you try to run it now.

Even if the software hasn't run, we can find the program shortcut or the .exe file somewhere on our computer. Let's assume that AVG is our software with compatibility issues.
What we want to do is right click on the shortcut or executable file. So we get the following options.

Select "Properties" from the list, so we get a dialog box as follows:

Here we can see six tabs at the top. Choose between them the tab called "Compatibility".

From the dialog box, you can select the mode in which you want to run the software in the future. For this, choose the required option from the drop-down menu by selecting the checkbox.

Make sure you click OK to save your changes.

Now you can run the software smoothly as before !!

If you're not sure which mode you want, the Compatibility Troubleshooter will make the selection for us. just click the button available in the dialog box.
You can now choose the troubleshooting option and continue.

You can also use the troubleshooter if it is difficult to run the software even after selecting the mode manually.

A guide link is also provided to guide you in choosing compatibility settings.

It should also be noted that various software are no longer supported by their developers, so the only solution before you is to check for the latest updates.

I hope this helps..

All the best 🙂

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