Use Excel's automatic backup and restore features to protect your data

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How to use Excel's automatic restore and backup functions to protect your data: - You have an important report to deliver the next day and with a lot of effort you managed to bring it to perfection. You stop for a second before saving the file to admire your work and Stand Out It tricks you by suddenly shutting down. You panic and raise Stand Out only to find that all his hard work is long overdue. Do I have to explain how it would make you feel? Read on to not let that happen to you!

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The autosave function is one of the most powerful in Microsoft Excel that saves the document to a temporary location after a fixed time interval. The autosave feature is enabled by default.

  • To view or change the settings related to autosave, click the Archive tab at the top. Then click the Choices file.


  • A new window called Excel Options opens. From the left window pane, find and click on the tab that says Save. In the right window pane, look for a checkbox that says Save autosave every minute option. Here, using the up and down arrows, you can set a preferred time interval. If you choose 2 minutes, your documents will automatically be saved to the autosave file path listed just below the duration setting every 2 minutes. Note that for the autosave feature to work, Stand Out Must be inactive for at least 30 seconds.


  • To see how this function can be used, let's consider an example Excel sheet. Add some data and wait 2 minutes, the duration we have set, for the autosave feature to come into play.


  • Now add more data to the sheet.


  • Let's see if this information can be recovered in case of an unexpected error on the Excel side. For this, simply open the task manager and complete the task as shown in the screenshot.


  • Launch Stand out again. Now, on the right side of the window, you will see a section called Available Files. Click on recent.


  • Here it is! Don't miss a thing. All your data is safe and ready to be recovered or modified.

  • The autosave information will be deleted by Distinguish itself in some situations; If the file is saved manually, if Distinguish is closed or closed, or if you turn off autosave.

Excel automatic backup function

There is another very useful stand out feature that many people don't know about. This is the AutoBackup function.

  • First click Archive tab and then click Save as as shown in the screenshot.


  • Click on Tools Next button and from the drop-down list, choose General Options.


  • Check the box corresponding to Always create a backup.


  • Check the location where you have chosen to save your Excel file. In the exact same location, you will be able to view the backup file with the extension .xlk. The backup file will not have the recent changes. That is, if you make changes to a file and save it, the backup will not change. If you save it again with new changes, the previous changes will be made to the backup file. That is, the backup file will always be a version behind the current version.

Now you can use Stand Out without having a worried mind. Relax and do your job; Everything is safe! Hope you found the article useful.

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