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The Photos app in Windows 10 is a very efficient photo viewing app. It supports a wide range of image types. However, some Windows 10 users encounter a problem when they try to open a particular type of photo in Windows 10. Instead of seeing the photo on the screen, they get a message saying “We can't open this file” on their computer. If you are facing the same kind of problem on your part, don't worry. Follow these fixes on your computer and the problem will be solved in no time. But before proceeding with the fixes, try these workarounds first.

Initial solutions-

1. Check if the file is damaged or damaged.

2. Try opening it with any other application (such as Painting, Crop and Draw).

3. If you are trying to open the image located on the shared network drive, external drive, memory card, etc., try moving the photos to your PC and then try opening it again.

If you are still facing the same problem, continue with the solutions:

Fix-1 Check if the image type is compatible with Photo-

As we commented earlier, Photographs supports a wide variety of file types. However, if your image is of a newer format such as (WebP, HEIC, JPEG XR), this could cause problems for the photos. If your image has a newer format -

1. Convert the file to .JPEG or .JPG using online format conversion websites.

2. Use a third party application to access the files.

Fix-2 Repair or Restore Photos-

1. After pressing the key Windows key with the 'io'Window Settings key.

2. Then, in that window, click on “Applications".

3. Now, in the left pane of the Window Settings, click on “App and features".

4. Then, on the right side, scroll down the application list, click “Photography".

5. Next, click on “Advanced options".

6. Now click on "Restart”To restore the application to its default state.

Restart your computer.

Try opening the image file on your computer again. If you still have the same problem on your device, look for the next solution.

Fix-3 Reinstall the application-

Reinstalling the application may solve your problem.

1. Pressing 'Windows key + X'should open a high utility window.

2. Then click on "Windows PowerShell (administrator)".

2. Now, copy-paste this command in Window Shell Power, then press Pay in.

Get-AppxPackage *photo* | Remove-AppxPackage

After running the command, close the PowerShell window.

4. Now press Tasto Windows + R have lunch Run, and then write "ms-windows-store:“And hit Pay in.

5. Close “Photos at Microsoft“In the search box for Microsoft Store.

6. Install Photos at Microsoft.

Check if you can access the image on your computer or not. If the problem persists, look for the next solution.

Fix-4 Use Windows Photo Viewer

You won't find the Windows Photo Viewer application on the default application screen or Start menu. Download this software to your computer and you can use Windows Photo Viewer back to your computer.

1. Download the Windows Photo Viewer Repair.

2. Now, download "Ripristina WindowsPhotoViewerSetup“On your computer. Follow the onscreen instructions to install Windows Photo Viewer Repair on your computer. If the application does not start automatically, start it from the desktop with administrator rights.

3. Now, in the Restore, Windows Photo Viewer 1.22 window, click on “Reset Windows Photo Viewer".

4. You will be directed to Window Settings automatically. Now click on "Photo viewer"And then select"Windows Photo Viewer”In the application list.

Try opening the image on your computer again. It needs to open in Windows Photo Viewer.

Fix-5 Change default apps based on file type

1. Press Tasto Windows + I to open the settings.

2. Click Applications.

3. Click Predefined app in the menu on the left.

4. Choose Default apps by file type.

5. Now scroll down to the extension you are facing the problem with, now click on the right side and choose the default applications.

Your problem should be solved.

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