What does the heart mean on Instagram

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What does the heart mean on Instagram

Instagram it's the famous one application born a few years ago with the aim of sharing among close friends and maybe even finding new ones, images that depict what you like most and that soon made this social network one of the most popular and widespread especially among kids. Real ones were born common saying with Instagram (As Hashtag) and some symbols have been introduced to express appreciation on a photo including the heart,

Let's find out in this guide What does the heart mean on Instagram

What does the heart on Instagram and the other symbols mean?

One of the first things the user notices as soon as they log in on Instagram it is the presence of a heart under to each of the published images from the people you usually follow and also under the personal photos that you decide to share on the social network.

What does the heart mean on Instagram it is easy to say, it is equivalent to I like it su Facebook, well yes, when he was born Instagram, Facebook already existed, it was therefore necessary to find a different symbol that would make it clear that theimage displayed it was appreciated, hence the creators thought of the heart, seat of emotions and therefore the most suitable symbol to express appreciation.

But on Instagram there are only hearts, as soon as you write a comment on a post you see some of the most common symbols appear we have a little red heart, for an emoji with heart-shaped eyes, another smiling, one sad, then that amazed o amused.

Everything is aimed at making the social network more and more full of emotions.

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