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What is LinkedIn

Are you looking for a new job and have you heard that social LinkedIn can help you in your search? That's right, the social network dedicated to the world of work can be a really valid tool. Learn what LinkedIn is and how to use it.

What LinkedIn is and how it works

What is LinkedIn? How does it work?
First of all, it is a social network dedicated to the world of work through which you can make the most of your work experiences and find a new job.

The first thing to do, after logging in on the social network, is to get noticed by trying to add links to your network.
How? To add links to your network, press the Network button from the top menu. In this section you can manage and keep an eye on the list of people you have added on LinkedIn.

While, as regards the section Management of pending invitations, you can accept or decline friend requests. LinkedIn's goal is to help you stay in touch with your circle of work acquaintances as this can help you get references that will help you find your next job.

To search for people to add, you can also choose to import your email address list to LinkedIn.

Also, in the menu bar at the top, press the Job button to view the job offers section. In this section you can search and respond to job offers posted by companies. You can search by job title, keyword or company, in the location you prefer.

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