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What is WhatsApp

The best known and most widely used messaging application, globally, is undoubtedly WhatsApp. Everyone knows it even if there is still someone who has not downloaded it to their smartphone. For this reason we have decided to explain in this guide WhatsApp what it is and how to use it.

WhatsApp what it is and how it works

What is WhatsApp?
This is the application, available for both Android and Apple device, which allows you to feel with your contacts through messages, sending photos and videos, voice messages and Internet calls.

After downloading WhatsApp from your Google Play Store, launch it on your device and create your personal account.
How? Start by accepting the conditions of use of WhatsApp by pressing the Accept and continue button, then enter your mobile number by “tapping” first on the Next / End button and then on OK to start verifying your number.

You will receive a confirmation code via SMS which you will need to enter in the screen that opens. Well, at this point, press Next and set your name and the photo you intend to set as the profile you want to use on WhatsApp.

You will thus be able to massage with your friends, relatives and work colleagues registered on WhatsApp. The contacts are automatically taken from the phone book, so you will automatically find all your friends in the contact list of the application.
To start a conversation with a friend, go to the Chat tab of the application and press the sheet icon located at the top right. Then select the name of the person to contact and chat without problems.

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