WhatsApp does not work: users rediscover SMS

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When WhatsApp does not work, users are always a little lost. Yesterday, however, the instant messaging service went down for three hours, and so play, SMS are "resurrected". Here's what happened.

WhatsApp does not work: the rediscovery of SMS

A block of three hours: the down of WhatsApp, which last month alone was unusable for almost a whole day. Users, after a few minutes of being lost, used the dear, old SMS. Both older people and teenagers have rediscovered the pleasure of sending text messages like in the old days, without audio notes, GIFs, photos or videos.

SMS have been given too many times for death, but in reality they never have been: according to some data released by GSMA, the 160 characters so dear to the generations of the 80s and 90s continue to be used by two thirds of the European population . This is because of their undoubted qualities: indeed SMS arrives everywhere, are platform independent and do not need an Internet connection.

WhatsApp doesn't work: SMS will never die

According to mobile phone industry experts, SMS will also play an important role in the future, both socially and economically. Although devoid of any form of ornament, as we said above, they have features that WhatsApp will never be able to obtain.

And it is no coincidence that telephone companies continue to include them in their promotions. We must not forget how they are an advertising vehicle for many companies, which send discounts and promotions (even the telephone operators themselves do so) through them. In short, the SMS funeral was done too soon.

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