WhatsApp update for iPhones: all the details

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A new WhatsApp update has been introduced and we are sure it will please all iPhone owners. This is a very awaited novelty, let's find out all the details of the update.

WhatsApp update: no more notifications for muted chats

Anyone who has an iPhone and at the same time has silenced some WhatsApp chats, both single and group, will no longer receive the notification badge. It is a updating for version 2.19.110 for iOS. So users will no longer be prompted to reopen the app to check notifications.

Until before the update, the unread message counter continued to work. So, despite the sound and vibration being turned off, there was still that annoying number that caused the user to open muted chats. We reiterate that this WhatsApp update it only concerns the iOS version of the application, since on Android it is already possible to select and deselect the checkbox “Show notifications” when the silent mode is activated.

In short, a very interesting introduction that eliminates a situation that Apple users of WhatsApp were starting to no longer bear.

How to silence WhatsApp chats on iPhone

But how to permanently silence a WhatsApp chat on iPhone? All you have to do is enter the conversation, press on the name of the person or group you want to silence and then press on the voice "silent". Here you can choose whether to stop receiving notifications and updates for 8 hours, 1 week or 1 year.

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