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Who visits my Instagram profile?

Instagram is the most popular social network in our days on which we spend a lot of time.
which leads us to be more and more eager to "investigate" our followers, scrutinizing their every move. These also include discovering "Who visits my Instagram profile?”Let's go and answer this question.

Steps required to see who visits my Instagram profile

If you want to find out who visits your Instagram profile, you must first clarify a fundamental concept: it is not possible to know exactly and precisely the names of the people who view your account without interacting.

However, there is a tool present within the social platform that allows you to analyze the account and thus obtain information on who visits your profile, we are talking about the Insight tool. Remember that it is only available after you have converted your account into a corporate Instagram profile.

You will then have three sections Activity, Content and Audience that will help you better understand your audience by showing important analytics data. In particular, the Audience tab will help you answer the question "Who visits my Instagram profile?"
How? Just click on this tab and visit the menu items such as Most Popular Places, Age Range, Gender and Followers.

You will be able to analyze the percentages that refer to the city, the country of origin, the age group and the sex of your followers.

How to see who visits my profile IA's Instagrampp


For those who want to learn more, there are several dedicated Apps. If you use iPhone or iPad, from the Apple Store you can download InstaView by MobileArts LLC opp or Who Stalks for My Instagram by Super Spy Pro. Android instead, Who viewed my Instagram was developed. Also in this case, it is not possible to know exactly who has seen our profile, but some data of the users who have been interested in browsing our feed are offered.

Obviously, for privacy reasons, these they will not provide personal data of subjects but will allow us to monitor interactions, mostly with those who are already our followers. Furthermore, these are third-party apps and are not directly endorsed by Instagram.

In the App stores, however, there are many applications that promise to make you understand how to see who visits my Instagram profile from APP and to be able to offer you the data you want but you must take into account that:

  • Each App in order to interact with Instagram needs a connection with the account which is intended to be analyzed, thus making the operation unsafe for the owner's privacy.
  • In case of privacy violation Instagram does not respond in any way, not to mention that you could get yourself in serious legal trouble.

Who entered my Instagram profile?

Similarly, if those who want to visit your profile have the sole objective of obtaining personal information and the App developers are able to create such invasive programs, the risk is to be able to enter someone else's profile at all. the effects. If you are wondering if there is a way to understand who entered my Instagram profile keep reading our guide.

If you are concerned that your profile has been hacked, the first thing to do is go to the Instagram settings and select the item Safety. From here you can access the Account Activity section from which you can check all accesses to your profile with dates and times.

If, after checking your logins, you discover that your account has been hacked, you can proceed with the following options:

  • Cambio password, the simplest operation but also the most effective to immediately block access to anyone who has violated it.
  • Contact theInstagram assistance in order to report what happened.
  • Use thetwo-factor authentication so that your account is even more secure. This procedure can be activated directly from the Instagram App settings.

If I look at a profile on Instagram do they see me?

To date, it is therefore not possible to see who has viewed an Instagram profile. The privacy of Instagram is very strict and does not allow users to obtain personal information through its App. The only forms of "contact" are given by interactions with another profile through likes, commenting on a post, with direct messages or by viewing stories. But if I look at a profile on Instagram they see me?

If it is not possible to see who visits your Instagram profile, unless you interact with it through concrete actions, in the same way no one will know if you have looked at his profile.

The only possibility, once again, is offered by Instagram Insight which, specifically, will allow others to access only the following information, namely:

  • discover the number of followers obtained in the last seven days.
  • To monitor all actions performed on your profile and related posts, including likes and comments.
  • Show only la coverage and impressions relative ai post.
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