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Updating Windows is the simplest part of having a Windows. most windows update comes over the air and works in the background. But sometimes Windows update takes much longer than usual, which can cause headaches. If you don't take this issue seriously, your machine will not receive crucial updates. Here we have discussed some remedies for this problem.

Before continuing, first check these circumstances:

for. Check if you have enough C: drive storage (or where Windows loads). Windows update will not work properly if there is a shortage of disk space.

second. Try disconnecting peripheral devices like (USB devices, unwanted hard drives) from your computer.

C. Uninstall the third party antivirus from your computer.

Solution 1: Troubleshoot update issues

1. In the beginning you should the right mouse button Windows icon and then click "settings".

2. Then go to "Update and security"Setting.

3. Once the Update & Security panel opens, click on "Solve problems".

4. Then click on "Additional troubleshooting tools".

5. On the right hand side, you will see a list of troubleshooting tools. Click on "Windows update“To focus on it.

6. Next, click on “Run the troubleshooter“To run it.

Just follow the instructions on the Windows Update Troubleshooter window.

Restart your device to complete the Windows update file window.

Fix- 2 Use Guided Update-

To address this type of situation, Microsoft has introduced a Windows Assistant Update file.

1. To download the Update Wizard file, click this link.

2. Once the website opens, click on "Update now".

2. Next, go to the drive where you downloaded

3. After locating the file, double click In that.

Update Wizard will run on your computer. You will now download the latest update package.

The download and installation process can take anywhere from 30 minutes to 1 hour.

4. The computer will restart after clicking on "Departure".

Depending on the update package, your computer may restart multiple times. Wait up.

If this method did not solve the problem, follow the next step to create and use an MCT.

Solution 3: use an MCT

If nothing works for you, you can use a Media Creation Tool or MCT file to update your computer.

1. As a first step, click this Microsoft Software Download.

2. Go to the web page and click on “Download the tool now".

3. Once entered Save as select a location.

4. A simple click on "SaveAnd the download process will begin.

3. Once the download process is complete, open the path.

4. After that, double click in the media creation tool to run it.

5. Choose the option "Update this PC nowBy clicking once on the radio button next to it.

7. to start the update process, click on "The next"

Your computer will restart by itself. All you need to do now is relax and let the update process take over for you.

Solution: 4 try a full reinstall of Windows 10

If any of the steps mentioned above didn't work, you should try a fresh install of Windows.

[CAUTION– Resetting your computer simply means you will lose some third-party applications from your computer. If there is something important, simply create a backup.]

1. Close “reset this pc“In the search box.

2. Then click on "Restart this PC".

3. You will see a list of 'Retrieve' options on the right hand side.

4. Just click on "Home".

5. In Restart this PC, you need to choose "Save my files"option.

Your device will restart. This process will take some time.

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