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With the official release of Windows 11, Microsoft made the official ISO image download operating system. Until now it was possible to download Windows 11 in ISO format thanks to the builds dedicated to users part of the Windows Insider program, but today the latest creation from Microsoft is publicly available.

The readiness to download ISOs not only allows you to perform a clean install, but also allows you to discover how the installation experience changes, which should guide you through all the essential configuration steps to get a ready-to-use PC. Again Microsoft has shown that it listens to the feedback of its Insider users: the possibility of give the PC a name during the setup procedure it was not foreseen, but as Microsoft itself tells in a post on its official blog, the request from users was such as to lead the company to integrate even this small feature. In addition, once the initial configuration is complete, the first time the PC is started, the “Get Started” application will help users make the final touches and complete the configuration of the newly installed system.

To download the Windows 11 ISO image, that's enough go to the page dedicated, go to the “Download the Windows 11 disc image (ISO)” section, select Windows 11 from the drop-down menu (for now it is the only option available) and press the “download” button. Alternatively, if you have a computer already equipped with a Windows operating system, you can download it tool for creating installation media (also known as Media Creation Tool) which allows both to create USB sticks for Windows installation and to download the ISO image.

If you do not need to download the ISO for a clean installation, but want to update your PC without waiting for the release of Windows 11 via Windows Update, from the same page you can download the installation assistant for Windows 11. The program, after verifying that your computer meets the minimum requirements, it will proceed to download and install the update.

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