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Last month, we told you that Microsoft, according to Windows Latest, was already testing third-party widgets in Windows 11, which would allow users to customize the panel as desired. At the developer conference BUILD, the Redmond company confirmed this intention, stating that third-party widgets will be activated "later this year".

Widgets are platform based Adaptive Cards, which allows you to use buttons, texts and graphics in a very simple way. As explained by Microsoft itself, Adaptive Cards can leverage "the capabilities of touch, pen, voice and artificial intelligence to create features that increase engagement and differentiate applications with more natural interactions for customers."

Microsoft, moreover, continues to believe in the improvement of Windows 11 in order to offer a snappy operating system capable of maximizing productivity and widgets allow you to quickly access various information, without opening the browser or other applications.

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Recall that widgets in Windows operating systems appeared for the first time in Windows Vista, specifically in a sidebar that then evolved into Windows Desktop Gadgets in Windows 7. Developers were able to share widgets through the Windows Live Gallery up to 'October 2011, while in July 2012 Microsoft decided to completely exclude widgets due to potential security problems. For now, we just have to wait a few more months to know which third-party widgets will be made available.

Recently, currently for Insider members only, Microsoft updated the Windows Subsystem for Android, which now supports Android 12.1 and offers better integration of Android applications with Windows. For more details, we advise you to read our previous dedicated article.

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