Windows did not detect any network hardware adapters after the Windows 10 update fix

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After updating your Windows 10 computer, you may sometimes encounter a problem while connecting to the Internet, resulting in an error message stating 'Windows did not detect any network hardware'on your computer. Windows automatically loads the driver for the installed equipment. In this case, the WiFi or Ethernet driver is not present in the computer. If you see this error message, don't worry. There are some simple solutions to solve this problem.


You need to download the latest version of the driver on another connected computer.

a. Open Device Manager on the problematic device and note the name of the adapter.

b. Open a browser window and search for the network driver.

c. Download the latest driver from a trusted source (such as the manufacturer's website).

d. Then, copy and paste the downloaded driver onto a flash drive.

And. So, connect the flash drive to the system where you are facing this problem.

f. Copy the audio driver from the flash drive somewhere on your computer. Remember the location.

Fix 1: Use the Network Card Troubleshooter

Use the network adapter troubleshooter to troubleshoot the problem on the computer.

1. At first, type "Troubleshoot your settings“In the search box.

2. Then click on “Troubleshoot your settings".

3. Then, on the right side, click the "Internet connections".

4. Then, to run the troubleshooter, click the "Run the troubleshooter".

After that, Windows will automatically try to fix your problem.

5. Then, you need to click on "Close".

Now try connecting to the internet again.

If you still can't connect, there may be something wrong with the adapter. Try to solve it-

6. Scroll down in the same Settings window, click on “Network card"

7. Then click the "Run the troubleshooter“To run the troubleshooter.

Windows will soon check the network card for errors.

Restart computer and after restarting your computer, check if this fix worked for you or not.

Fix 2: update the driver

Check if there is any driver update available on your computer.

1. Press Tasto Windows + R run Running.

2. Then write "devmgmt.msc“And press enter.

2. Then it is necessary to expand the "Network adapters".

3. After that, right click on the network card driver on your computer and then click "Update Driver".

4. To allow Windows to search for drivers on its own, choose the "Automatically searches for drivers".

Windows will install the driver on your computer.

Fix 3 - Unisntall and reinstall the driver

Uninstalling and reinstalling the driver is the best way to deal with this kind of problem.

1. You have to press Tasto Windows + R.

2. Then type "ncpa.cpl“In the Run window and then press enter.

3. Simply write down the name of the adapter you are using on your computer.

4. Open a Run window again.

5. Then write "devmgmt.msc"And click"ok".

6. Then, expand "Network adapters"Section.

7. Now, to uninstall the specific adapter, right click on the problematic adapter and then click the "Uninstall device".

Now, the network card driver will be uninstalled from the system.

Reinstall the network driver-

Now we will laughinstall the uninstalled network card on the device again. Follow these simple methods:

Method - 1

1. After uninstalling the driver, navigate to the location of the audio driver you copied earlier.

2. Then, right click on the audio driver configuration and click "Property".

3. On the Compatibility tab, check box "Run this program in Compatibility mode to:".

4. Choose your operating system accordingly from the drop-down menu.

5. Finally, click on "To apply"And"ok“To save the settings.

6. Run setup on your computer to install the driver on your computer.

Click on "Close“To close the window.

Method 2 -

Install the latest driver from Device Manager.

1. Next, press the button Windows key + X and click the "Device Manager".

2. Once it opens, right click on the problematic driver and click "Update Driver".

3. Just click the "Look for the driver software on my computer“To tell Windows to find the driver from the computer files.

4. Click on 'Navigation".

5. Now go to the folder where you just copied the audio driver.

8. Click on 'ok".

Then, follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation process.

This will fix the problem.

3 method -

1. In Device Manager, click "Action".

3. Next, click on “Look for hardware changes".

Your problem should be solved.

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