Windows encountered a problem installing driver software for your device.

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When updating a driver from Device Administrator On your Windows 10 device, you may notice an annoying “Windows encountered a problem installing driver software for your device” error message. If you get this error message, it means that Windows does not verify the driver signature. There is an important way to solve this problem. Follow the solutions mentioned below and the problem will be solved in no time.

Solution 1: Disable driver signature enforcement

As we discussed earlier this problem is related to the driver signature issue, disabling it should help.

1. Close “Advanced startup".

2. Next, click on “Change advanced startup"option.

3. Then click on "Restart now".

You will see that your computer has booted into Windows Recovery mode.

4. Next, click on “Solve problems"To solve the problem.

5. Then click on "Advanced options".

7. In the Advanced Options window, click "Startup Settings".

8. In the lower right corner, you will see "Restart".

9. Click on it.

10. The system will boot into the Startup Settings window.

11. Next, press "F7” per ‘Disable driver signature enforcement".

12. As soon as you click on 'F7', your computer will boot into this special mode.

Once you are on the desktop screen, open the Device Administrator file and reinstall the driver.


While installing the latest driver, you may notice Windows Security raising a warning flag on “Windows cannot verify the publisher of this driver software”. Then click on "Install this driver software anywhereY ".

Solution 2: Try manually updating the driver

If you are having trouble updating your driver regularly, try this solution ~

1. First, download the required driver from the manufacturer's website.

2. Then save it to your computer. Note the location of the downloaded driver.

3. The right mouse button Windows icon and then click "Device administrator".

4. When the Device Administrator file window appears, expand the and section the right mouse button on the controller you want to update. Then click on "Update Driver".

(Example - For example only, we have chosen to update the graphics adapter. Then right-click on the graphics adapter and then click "Update Driver".)

3. To choose the driver yourself, you need to click on "Search my computer for driver software".

4. Then click on "Look".

5. Now, in the Browse for Folder window, go to the folder where you have the downloaded driver.

6. Then click on "ok"*.

7. Just click on "The next“To start the installation process.

This should fix the problem.


If you are unable to download the driver, you can choose the WinSxS folder on your computer.

1. When the Browse For Folder panel opens, navigate to this location:


2. Then click on “ok".

Windows will install the latest driver from the WinSxs folder.

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