#Xboxgamerface: Microsoft contest on Instagram

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Microsoft contest on Instagram: #Xboxgamerface arrives

The feeling of seeing / playing for the first time the gameplay of the game we've been waiting for months, maybe years, is priceless. As well as some expressions we make while watching the succession of events. Here, the latter could lead us to win prizes! No, we're not kidding: the new Microsoft contest on Instagram it's called #Xboxgamerface and allows users to win Xbox products simply by taking a selfie during a game's gameplay session. How do you participate? We tell you in the next lines!

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#Xboxgamerface: here's how to win Microsoft products!

If you are an avid gamer and you like taking selfies, then the contest promoted by Xbox is the one for you! Just connect to the Xbox Spain Instagram page and join! Here is the press release with which the Redmond house launched its contest:

“Microsoft kicks off the #XboxGamerFace contest, inviting all fans to share a moment of play to win great Xbox-signed prizes. It will be possible to participate in the contest from 27 September to 31 October, taking a selfie during the game, using green filters, and uploading it both on the website www.xboxgamerface.com and on your Instagram profile with the hashtag #XboxGamerFace and the quote @ xbox. At the end of this period, the owners of the best shots will be rewarded with fantastic Xbox products, including the first prize consisting of an Xbox One X bundle, the most powerful console in the world ”.

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